We are still accepting applications for our current school year (2012-2013).  The decision to enroll as a family at SLO Classical Academy should be done with care and thought, and we do everything we can to ensure that you have as much information as possible.  Here are some next steps:


1.  Please familiarize yourself as much as possible with our school by spending time here on our website.  We also encourage classroom observations for yourself and your children.

2.  Take a look at our blog - a peek into the rich home life you'd be experiencing and SLOCA's nurturing of that life!

3.  Schedule a visit - we have monthly tours every 3rd Thursday at 10:30 a.m., parent preview nights coming soon, and classroom visitations - which we highly recommend!  There's nothing like seeing SLOCA in action to help decisions come along!  And if any of those aren't quickly available, we are happy to get you a cd that explains our program more thoroughly and schedule a meeting with you to answer your questions.  Email Amy Calloway at amy@sloclassicalacademy.com or call her at 548-8700.

4.  Download an application by CLICKING HERE.


A few application notes:  In order to help all parties ensure a good fit, the application process involves several steps, as follows:


1.  Read the parent letter located at the above link.

2.  Return a completed application and questionnaire (located at the above link), registration check, and your child's work samples to the school.  Work samples are not required for Jr. Kinders or Kinders.

3.  You must attend a Parent Preview Night.  If you're missed them all, please work with the office staff to obtain a cd/dvd of the evening to listen to before a family interview.

4.  You must attend a Family Interview that the office will schedule after completing the above items.


In addition, if you are enrolling a preschool or junior kindergarten student, you must complete a prescool packet.  These forms are available in the office at 165 Grand Avenue in SLO.


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