SLO Classical Academy is an incredible option for many families, but it is a program that requires a different sort of dedication from families and careful consideration before enrollment is encouraged.  We work with families to help determine if there is a good "fit" between the family and the school, but here's a checklist to help you begin that process.


  • I want the best education possible for my child
  • I want to be involved in my child's education
  • Family time is a priority for us
  • I want to have the time and flexibility to teach my child about things important to our family
  • I would like to be involved in a community that supports me and my child
  • I would like my child to be seen as an individual with unique gifts, skills and even struggles
  • I would benefit from the work and contributions of experienced staff and teachers
  • I am willing to work hard
  • I love to learn and am willing to learn alongside my child
  • I am willing to make some sacrifices to ensure a wonderful educational experience


If you answered "yes" to five or more of these items, you need to at least check us out!  If you answered at least 7 or 8 in the affirmative, what are you waiting for?  Schedule a visit or give us a call!

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