Can you explain the various levels in your grammar school?


We have three basic levels - Kindergarten, Primary and Intermediate.  During these years children are like sponges, with a natural desire to learn and an aptitude for taking in facts.  We work on math facts and understanding, learn basic historical events, begin learning Latin, explore in science and lay the foundation for future idea-building.  


Our kindergarten class houses only kindergarteners, which is followed by our primary level (1st and 2nd graders) and then our Intermediate level (3rd and 4th graders).  To learn more about these levels, click here.



How much work is involved at these levels on home days?


The amount of time spent at home depends on many factors, including family size, age level of student/s, learning style and speed, and family dynamics.  However, as a rough estimate, we offer the following:


Primary (1/2):  2-3 hours on home days
Intermediate (3/4):   3-5 hours on home days


It is important to remember that there is no evening homework assigned, however, these hours are done (for most families) during their home days, eliminating late nights and opening up time for families to just be together.



Is there time for recess?


Oh, yes,  We love our recess, and so do our kids!  At the grammar levels, students have time to get outside every hour for 10 minutes, and 40 minutes for lunch.  We work to have a blend of organized and free play and keep character at the forefront even on the playground.


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