Q:  Why consider sloCAHS?


A:  The high school years are formative in the development of students - they are years which define a student’s approach to and passion for learning, their commitment to hard work, their future goals and their relational skills and choices.  While it is tempting to see high school merely as a time for fun, social blooming and athletics, focusing on these elements alone at the expense of considering more deeply what will truly prepare students for the future is shortsighted.  Similarly, it is common to see high school as a mere stepping stone to college; while admittance into excellent colleges is a priority of sloCAHS, we believe that the HS years are not to be wasted on this task alone - rich, wonderful and excellent education should and can occur now for all students.


SLO Classical Academy High School believes that the high school years have the potential to be far more than a time of “good” classes and social exploration.  We offer courses that will both engage and challenge students, that will inspire a lifetime of learning, and that will solidify their strong critical thinking skills and their ability to speak for themselves.  The quality of instruction and approach to academics is unrivaled in our local area.  


Our small class size allows students to be known and invites them to reach their full potential.  The smaller setting also helps students develop real-life relational skills and appreciation for each other’s unique personalities, and it provides a safe place to grow, make mistakes, and be encouraged by their classmates.  Truly, our students bloom during these years at all levels.


Q:  Is sloCAHS home schooling?


A:  We do not consider sloCAHS homeschooling.  Rather, our program is a university-model.  Our goal for students on the high school level is that they become independent learners.  Students attend classes three times a week.  Just like at the college level, this allows two full days at home to get school work done.  For most students, this work will be done independently; however, for those students needing the extra tutoring, it does allow more time for working with a tutor or parent.  


Q:  What is the parent’s role in High School?


A:  The role of a HS parent is greatly altered after the middle school years.  Students take responsibility for classes, assignments, studying, etc.  However, the role of a parent can vary according to individual classes and student/parent dynamics and needs - for instance, students may ask parents to edit papers, or a parent may set up tutoring if a student would benefit from this service.  Independence is important and we want each high schooler to take responsibility for their own education, which can be challenging for parents who are used to a more hands-on approach, but a relief to others who feel they are no longer up for homeschooling.  Although we consider students independent, we still highly encourage parents to stay engaged in their high schooler’s education – from asking about what their child is learning to reading with their child, to providing some editing of papers, to encouraging them to speak and meet with teachers.  Again and again, research highlights the benefits of engaged parents in the academic arena.



Q. What are your requirements to graduate from sloCAHS?

A. Students need a minimum of 48 credits to graduate from sloCAHS. Our program is designed to be college preparatory. The college minimums below are taken from the UCs, MIT, Stanford and CSUs.


College minimum:

SLOCA requires the following for graduation:

History/Social Studies (incl US/Gov)

2 years

4 years (8 units)


4 years


4 years (8 units)


2-4 years

3 years (6 units)


3-4 years

3 years (6 units)

Foreign Language


2-3 years




3 years (6 units)


Fine Arts

1 year

1 year (2 units)

1 year

4 years (8 units)

Senior Project


1 year (1 unit)


Q:  My student desires a large social pool and we feel that is important.  Is sloCAHS too small?


A:  High School is a time of social development, exploration and challenges.  Ideally, it is a time to develop friendships that will last for years to come.  While a smaller setting can bring its own challenges, it also brings opportunities for what we believe are at the heart of social growth — students form a peer group in which they can know and be known; virtue is seen as admirable; they must face relational challenges rather than hide from them; they experience support from teachers and peers; they feel safe to truly be who they are; they are an important part of the community.  Social interactions are characterized by naturalness and good humor, a challenge by peers to be all they can be, and a commitment to seeing each other through the ups and downs of being a teenager.    


sloCAHS does not offer a perfect high school social environment - there will always be difficulties and hurdles; but it does offer a different approach to these challenges - one where staff and students alike are committed to growing through each season together.


Some have wondered if the smaller social setting can prepare students for “real life” beyond high school.  There are many “real life” skills to learn for us all, and we’ve found that the smaller setting creates more opportunities for learning social and relational skills than does a larger pool.  The normal high school social challenges are presented to each HS student at sloCAHS, but those challenges are faced with support and encouragement in the context of community.  In addition, because sloCAHS students are so equipped with the ability to think and to stand firm in beliefs and convictions, and because they were given the gift of having their minds and hearts expanded and prepared with a strong liberal arts education, they will be more prepared for “real life” than the average high school student.  They leave confident in who they are and prepared to deal with other environments.  


Q:  How does sloCAHS help students prepare for college?


A:  We know that getting into college can be an intimidating process for any high school student, but especially for those who choose a non-traditional schooling option.  Whether our students plan or choose to attend college after graduation, they will be well-prepared for that opportunity.  


Academic Approach

sloCAHS offers quality, college-preparatory classes, which will prepare our students to meet the expectations of colleges.  One of our goals is to nurture a love of learning in our students which we believe makes them better learners throughout their lives.  We do this by providing small classes, which enable teachers and students to better connect and work together.  Our history and English classes are rich in literature and writing instruction.  We provide lab science classes and math with an emphasis on learning to think mathematically.  Elective classes have/do include rhetoric, speech, debate, current events and art.  All classes are designed to enable students to excel in college because they will be equipped with abilities to make connections, think critically and express themselves well.  


AP Classes

Any high school student may take AP exams whether or not they have taken an AP class.  Because we do not believe in creating classes to cater to tests, and because of the unusually rich and rigorous approach to education, our classes are not specific AP classes, but we feel that the education our students receive in their classes will prepare them well for the AP exams.  We are working to provide extra support for preparing for specific exams as well.



Yes, we are an accredited school.


A:  How does sloCAHS handle technology in HS?


A:  SLOCA embraces technology as an incredible learning tool in the life of HS students.  We allow laptops to be used in class, the teachers integrate technology into their classrooms, students use technology in presentations and grades are often posted on the internet.  However, technological training is not a primary focus on the campus.  Why?  Our students have proven themselves incredibly capable of learning the latest technology on their own - a task that tech companies have made almost foolproof to learn - allowing us to be about the business of challenging minds and hearts with an education that will truly prepare students for all of life.


Q:  What about athletics?


A:  The mission of the SLO Classical Academy Athletic Department is to build an athletics program that complements the existing academic and cultural development. This means our program will utilize the same vision of classical education in the development of athletes who understand their sport, learn the logic behind that sport, and who execute with skill and beauty.


We are in our first year with CIF (California Interscholastic Federation).  Currently, our sports offerings are - volleyball, basketball, cross country, soccer and swimming.


Q:  What about socials, dances, clubs, etc?


We have a variety of socials including prom and continue to work on creating traditions and regular opportunities for the students to connect.  Our students get together for movie nights, bonfires, holiday parties, theater performances, and camping trips.  Some of our students regularly get together to study and hang out at cafés in SLO as well. 


Q:  Will you accept classes from other institutions?  Cuesta College?


A:  Yes, as long as it is not a class we are currently offering at sloCAHS, and after reviewing the class, if it meets our requirements.


Q:  Can students transfer to other institutions from sloCAHS?


A:  Yes, it has easily been done.




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