The challenges are real.  It’s tough to get better without a lot more money,
but we can’t use that as an excuse.
There’s only one chance to get a good education…

   ~  Arne Duncan – US Secretary of Education

San Luis Obispo Classical Academy is reaching children and families.  We have grown from 27 students to 245 students in just 6 years, and we believe it is because there is a demand in San Luis Obispo county for an education as rich as the area.  By providing a fully planned and carefully developed educational program, SLO Classical Academy provides deep, layered learning that supports an individual throughout their lifetime.  It is an education that connects our collective past with our current present and forecasts from this foundation into the future.  With passionate and ever-inspired teachers guiding them, the students of SLO Classical Academy are falling in love with learning, making observations, synthesizing information, forming opinions and learning how to clearly articulate them.  This is a school filled with future independent thinkers who will be prepared to lead our world.


Providing this distinct  and vibrant education at SLO Classical Academy requires great resources.  We, like most other non-profits in this country, depend upon 17-20% of our annual budget to come from investments in addition to our monthly tuition commitments.  Our intention has been to keep our tuition reasonable to ensure that we don’t create a static environment for our students—to foster diversity and exposure to all children in our classrooms.  Most agree that a diverse socio-economic student population benefits all students and parents. 


We wholeheartedly believe that SLO Classical Academy is one of the best ways to invest your time and your money.  Gifts from members of our Board of Directors, current and past parents, grandparents, employees and friends provide the resources necessary to fulfill our mission, today and for each new generation of students.  In addition, our dedicated families volunteer and strengthen our school through their countless gifts of time and talent.  It is the support of the entire SLOCA community—both near and far—that allows our school to flourish and grow. 


We invite you to invest in the future by supporting SLO Classical Academy.

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