In the midst of a wild real estate world on the Central Coast, SLO Classical Academy is so fortunate to have an actual school facility that is centrally located for all families, provides large, window-filled classrooms for learning, boasts two playgrounds and a large playing field for getting the wiggles out, and has ample parking (most of the time!).


Since the middle of our first year, we have leased the "Old Pacheco" elementary school right at the foot of Cal Poly on Grande in San Luis Obispo.  Now there for seven years, we utilize the large library space, 13 classrooms and office space. We all meet in the morning on the "little playground" for our Morning Meeting. During these meetings, we review our Latin word root of the week (it's fun!), are reminded of our character trait of the month, and say the pledge of allegiance as a school - Kindergartners through High School.  It is a wonderful, community-centered way to start the morning.


We also have our own on campus bookstore, where enrolled families can purchase all required materials at a reduced rate, making shopping for curricula a breeze!  The store also displays the artwork and handiwork of our SLOCA families, who donate back to the school when items sell.  Fresh coffee is also on sale in the store for those tired moms.


A primary focus on our campus is our community - we are thankful we have a wonderful facility that allows us to be together.

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