The SLO Classical Academy community is made up of a diverse community of people who are involved in a diverse range of businesses throughout San Luis Obiso County.  



Business: Bischoff Homes, Inc.  Owner Name: Paul Bischoff   Phone: 805.473.5777
Email:   Website:

Business Type: New Home Construction


Business:  Body By Vi   Owner Name:  Mike & Amy Calloway  Phone:  805-674-0230   

Email:  Website:   

SLOCA Discount:  Free Samples Available  Business Type:  Fitness, Weight Loss


Business:  The Weekly News Quiz Game   Owner Name:  Kristen Criswell  Phone:  805-929-5390  

Email:  Address:  P.O. Box 973, Nipomo, CA  93444

SLOCA Discount:  $50 subscription  Business Type:  Education Publication


Business:  Central Coast Disc Jockey   Owner Name:  Bob Criswell  Phone:  805-705-7992  

Email:  www.centralcoastdiscjockey  SLOCA Discount:  Mention SLOCA Family

Business Type:  Disc Jockey


Business:  Mamamorphosis   Owner Name:  Wendy Dahl  Phone:  805-748-2335  

Email:  Address:  1941 Johnson Ave., Ste 202, SLO, CA  93401

SLOCA Discount:  For Cash Pay  Business Type:  Physical Therapy For Moms


Business:  Central Coast Medical Oncology  Owner Name:  Bob & Carol Dichmann

Phone:  805-349-9393  Address:  220 S. Palisade #104, SM, CA  93420


Business:  Warnes Paint  Owner Name:  Tracy Dillon  Phone:  805-544-1688

Email:  SLOCA Discount:  20% discount  Business Type:  Paint Store


Business:  Santa Lucia Birth Center   Owner Name:  Jennifer Everett  Phone:  805-904-3843  

Email:  Address:  4251 S. Higuera, Ste 300, SLO, CA  93401



Business:  Taylor Frigon Capital Management  Owner Name:  Karen & Gerry Frigon

Phone:  805-226-0280  Email:  Business Type:  Wealth Management


Business:  AmByth Estate  Owner Name:  Philip & Mary Hart  Phone:  805-305-7355

Address:  510 Sequoia Lane, Templeton, CA 93465  SLOCA Discount:  20% discount

Business Type:  Vineyard, Farm, Winery - Organic


Business:  Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate  Owner Name: Marty Indvik

Phone:  805-782-9000  Email:  

Address:  1230 Higuera St., SLO, CA  93401 Business Type:  Commercial Real Estate


Business:  Savon Pharmacy  Owner Name:  Jason Keck  Phone:  805-782-9000  

Address:  1132 W. Branch St., AG, CA  93420  Business Type:  Pharmacy


Business:  Advanced Housing Concepts  Owner Name:  Carl & Robin Lee Phone:  805-215-2982

Email: Website:

SLOCA Discount:  Free Transport of home $4,000 - $8,000 value 

Business Type:  Manufactured Home Sales


Business:  Ultimate Software  Owner Name:  Ted Malley  Phone:  805-528-1141

Email: Website:


Business:  Mac Superstore  Owner Name:  William McCabe  Phone:  805-781-6227

Email:  SLOCA Discount:  to be determined

Business Type:  Apple Retail Store


Business:  Mac America, Inc.  Owner Name:  Brian McCormac  Phone:  888-720-9977

Email:  Address:  179 Niblick Rd., #410, PR, CA  93446

Business Type:  Wholesale Produce & Transportation Brokers


Business:  Pacific Eye Surgeons  Owner Name:  Craig Merrill, MD  Phone:  805-473-6640

Email:  Address:  931 Oak Park Blvd, Ste 201, PB, CA  93449

Business Type:  Medical/Surgery


Business:  Nishimori Landscape & Design, Inc.  Owner Name:  Jim Nishimori  Phone:  805-928-5756

Email:  Address:  807 S. Blosser Rd., SM, CA  93458

Business Type:  Landscape & Design


Business: Clippers Haircuts   Owner Name: Heather & Brian Osgood   Phone: 805-783-2887

Email:   Website:

Business Type: Haircutting


Business: Inspired Expos   Owner Name: Heather & Brian Osgood   Phone: 805-772-4600

Email:   Website:

Business Type: Home & Health Expos


Business:  EJP Attorney & Counselor at Law  Owner Name:  Eric Parkinson  Phone:  805-783-1070

Email:  Address:  11545 Los Osos Valley Rd., St. C, SLO, 93405

SLOCA Discount:  Free Consultation  Business Type:  Attorney


Business:  Gregory S. Pritchett, DDS  Owner Name:  Gregory Pritchett  Phone:  805-489-5559

Email:  Address:  860 Oak Park Blvd. Ste. 201, AG, CA, 93420

Business Type:  General Dentistry


Business:  The Pampered Chef  Owner Name:  Wendy Rey  Phone:  805-471-5236

SLOCA Discount:  10% discount and free shipping  Business Type:  Cooking Products


Business:  Aloha Dental Arts   Owner Name:  Mike Smith  Phone:  805-688-4344  

Email:  Website:

SLOCA Discount:  15% discount  Business Type:  Dentist, Cosmetic Dentist


Business:  Confidential & Caring Support  Owner Name:  Maureen Steger  Phone:  805-434-9898  

Address:  170 W. Grand Ave., Ste 202, GB, CA  93433  

Business Type:   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Business:  Full Circle Aikido  Owner Name:  Stephen & Maureen Steger  Phone:  805-473-9745

Address:  191 S. Oak Park #8, Grover Beach, CA  93433  Website: 


Business:  Talley Farms  Owner Name:  Todd Talley  Phone:  805-489-5400

Email:  Address:  P.O. Box 360, AG, CA  93421

Business Type:  Growers/Packers/Shippers of Fresh Vegetables


Business:  Kids with Style  Owner Name:  Brenda Tebbets  Phone:  805-534-1309

Email:   Website:

Business Type:  Retail/Wholesaler of Toddler Squeaky Shoes


Business:  SLO Monart  Owner Name:  Caroline Vaccaro  Phone:  805-5544-4243

Email:  Address:  4211 Broad St., SLO, CA  93401

SLOCA  Discount:  20% discount  Business Type:  Art Classes




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