Partnering in the education of your children can be intimidating.  For those who have never home schooled, it can be downright terrifying.  For those who have home schooled, letting go can be difficult.  Either way, being a part of the SLO Classical Academy community, while life-changing in amazing ways, is a huge commitment, and it requires support. 


SLO Classical Academy makes a concerted effort to provide a wide variety of parent support and training.  Below are some of the support services we offer:


  • Parent Training - because we value parent involvement so highly and because parents want to be as prepared as possible to guide education at home, we offer parent training in the areas of history and literature throughout the year - once a trimester.  In addition, we occasionally offer training in other areas, including math, reading, and practical home education ideas.
  • Weekly Updates - at the beginning of each week, SLOCA sends out a Weekly Update, which includes everything you need to know about what's going on - calendar, events, volunteer opportunities, etc, along with an inspirational piece from our Director, Susie Theule, to keep you focused on your mission as a SLOCA parent.
  • Friday Emails - each week on Friday, you will receive an email from your teacher/s, outlining what happened in class and what is to come the following week.  In this email is a "grid" that lays out clearly the work for you to do with your student/s on your home days.
  • Our Blog - Down Home!   Because so much of the heart of what SLOCA does occurs at home, we have designed an incredible blog to encourage your home life.
  • Parent-to-Parent Support - we encourage parents to seek other parents out for support, ideas and inspiration.  We have a team of parents that offer support and occasional training sessions to assist your success at home and help you navigate through the SLOCA life.  In addition, all our office ladies (and many of our staff and faculty, including our Director!) are doing SLOCA with their families, and their years of experience are as valuable as,!
  • Parent Conferences - we schedule parent-teacher conferences twice yearly so parents can review what is going on with their student, ask questions, plan, etc.   These sessions are immensely helpful.  Additional conferences can be scheduled by request of either the teacher or the parent.


Support abounds at SLO Classical Academy.  Our staff and teachers are wholeheartedly committed to seeing families and students thrive - it is their delight to see the light bulbs, the changed family dynamics, the wonder of it all grow in a family.

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