Community.  We didn't plan on such a vibrant, inspiring, safe community when SLO Classical Academy was started in 2005.  The education was the focus, but the community has been a wonderful surprise!  The community at SLOCA has become such a cornerstone of the school that we have a motto to capture it - Semper Discentes.  This is Latin, and means "always learning together."  We are a learning community.  We learn with our children, we have learned through the start of a school, we learn from our mistakes and our successes, we learn how to parent together, we learn about perseverance and kindness and communication.  If you are looking for a perfect community, you won't find it at SLO Classical Academy.  We are just a bunch of real people, looking to make a difference in the lives of our students, our community, and yes, even our world.  Not perfect, but alive.


The reason this community sprung up is because SLO Classical Academy was founded on a partnership between the school and the home - this school is the strong, incredible educational institution it is because of the pooled effort of amazing staff, faculty and parents.  We continue to be committed to and dependent upon strong partnerships between the school and the parents.  The effectiveness of these partnerships is dependent upon all parties working together. 


While we shoot to have high standards for these partnerships, SLO Classical Academy is also founded by real people with strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, joys and mistakes.  Striving for both excellence and grace in our partnerships, we have laid out guidelines to assist in this process.


SLO Classical Academy staff will:



  • Provide a dynamic, classical education as defined by its mission, goals, and core values
  • Provide carefully chosen curricula that follows a four-year cycle of history from the Ancients to post-Civil War
  • Provide two-four days of quality classroom experience and instruction
  • Provide planning for home school days
  • Provide opportunities for individualization of assignments and experience
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for students on Fridays and after school
  • Provide field trip opportunities and/or information
  • Work to keep tuition as affordable as possible while still maintaining a viable business that will provide education to families for years to come.


Parent Support

  • Use timely and clear communication with parents
  • Utilize excellent communication tenets as laid out by SLOCA
  • Provide ongoing education for parents in both classical education and home school topics
  • Make required Parent Meetings informative and helpful 
  • Solicit feedback opportunities from parents and students 
  • Encourage parent-to-parent support
  • Provide parent-teacher conferences at least twice yearly
  • Be available to meet with parents to work through questions, concerns, issues, etc.
  • Complete Teacher Progress Reports at the end of each trimester



  • Commit to learning and growing professionally as a school and staff
  • Commit to an ongoing learning process in terms of education – classical education, educational research, etc.
  • Utilize a team approach to leadership and decision-making
  • Encourage and provide teacher development, support and evaluations
  • Support and model the Code of Conduct
  • Maintain educational records



  • Provide a safe school environment
  • Provide all core curricula when possible in the school store in a timely manner and at a discount as available
  • Provide a positive, helpful staff and experience in the office



Parents at SLO Classical Academy will: 



  • Serve as the home educator three days weekly for track A and track B.  For the Enriched Hybrid (track C), parents are also responsible to oversee the home education, although the home schooling “day” will look different for these families.  In high school, parents will provide support and help when needed.
  • Partner with teachers in the completion of core subject assignments and individualization of the assigned work.
  • Active participation in learning alongside students.
  • Read history and literature along with children, or at least alongside children in older years.
  • Choose and oversee home subjects.
  • Completion of goal forms, attendance forms, progress reports, portfolio samples, and surveys at the end of each trimester.
  • Acquiring all required curricula and materials. 



  • Clear, timely communication between home and school.
  • Work to utilize excellent communication tenets as laid out by SLOCA
  • Attendance at required and requested parent conferences.  Will request a conference with teachers or administration when there are concerns, etc.
  • Read all communication from the school, including teacher grids &narratives, Weekly Updates, emails and handouts placed in family files.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the SLOCA staff.



  • Attendance at mandatory parent trainings and meetings – up to 6 yearly.
  • Completion and recording of volunteer hours – 15 hours/trimester.
  • To keep tuition affordable; take part in the Spring Student Fundraiser, and contribute as able towards other fundraising efforts.
  • Serve as role models with adherence to the Code of Conduct.
  • Direct, timely communication between home and school in line with our communication guidelines.
  • Fulfill financial contract and obligations in a timely manner.
  • Support and participate in History Celebrations and other all-school events.


The extra mile

  • Address concerns, disagreements, and questions together with staff rather than voicing complaints to those who cannot make appropriate changes
  • Support of the school publicly
  • Pursue understanding of our model of education
  • Trust the leadership and teams behind decisions.  Ask for clarification when questions 



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