Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


We believe that the development of character is essential to becoming well educated – not only is the knowledge of good character required, but the internalization of its value and the desire to grow in character as well.  Without character, education is incomplete and potentially dangerous. 


We also believe that developing character is a process.  We don’t “arrive” at excellent character, but we develop over time through many means, including mistakes and suffering.  We expect our staff, parents and students all to be on this journey, and although excellence is the goal, mistakes are expected and welcomed as opportunities for growth.


The following character traits, carefully chosen after receiving input from staff, parents and students, have all been valued over the course of time – as applicable thousands of years ago as they are today.  Although cultural circumstances change, there are character traits that stand the test of time, and our twelve traits are among those.

















These twelve character traits will be conveyed to the students through studies in literature and history and will be emphasized in the classroom management programs.  Quality teaching by instructors and effective learning by students characterize a positive school climate.  This requires a safe environment for all who work in and attend the school along with an emphasis on citizenship and adherence to rules applied equitably and fairly to all in the SLO Classical Academy community.  We believe that parents/guardians are essential partners in the educational process equally involved and accountable for the achievement and behavior of their children.  The disciplinary program makes provision for the school and home to intervene in inappropriate student behavior as soon as possible.  This early intervention permits the school to call this conduct to the attention of the student and the parent or guardian, giving parents/guardians and school personnel the opportunity to work closely together.

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