We recently asked our parents why THEY love SLO Classical Academy.  Top 20 answers are on the board...
  1. The quality of time we get to spend with our kids today — while we can!
  2. A community of parents who all really care about their kids' education.  No one is a slacker!
  3. Small class sizes!
  4. Teachers who really care about our kids; teachers who make each student feel special.
  5. Emphasis on character development.
  6. Learning alongside our children as we are doing schoolwork!
  7. Creative assignments and excellent curriculum.
  8. Superior education.
  9. Books the parents love reading as much as the children!
  10. They encourage creativity and individualizing the educational experience.
  11. Students are studying the same subject matter at different grade levels, so it stimulates family discussion.
  12. The opportunity to learn Latin!
  13. Incredible home school support system and training.
  14. Not teaching to standardized tests/no grades (until HS) — just focus on progress and potential
  15. Knowing what my child is being taught in school.
  16. Overwhelming sense of family/community
  17. Having a voice.
  18. Getting an education along with the kids!
  19. Respectful children.
  20. Beautiful art projects!


What reasons resonate with YOU?

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