Where, how and why to educate our children is a big deal requiring thoughtful decision-making.  It hasn't always been this way, but with the state of education in our country today where it is, more and more parents are thinking carefully before sending their children to school - where they will spend an average of 2,340 days in class and 16,000 hours of time just at school alone by the end of their high school years.  And then there's homework.  It's no wonder parents want to think twice before sending their children to school.  

What does great education really provide?  How important is education, really?  How can those many hours spent in school actually create meaning and value for our kids long after they live at home?  Can education keep students' attention?  Will my students' time in their classrooms really give them what they need?  Can the love of learning be preserved?   What is the best I can give my kids? 
San Luis Obispo Classical Academy was founded after two women carefully thought through these questions - one for her own children, and one after working in the educational system for 20 years.  After reading, researching and contemplating, SLO Classical Academy was born as an answer to these important questions.  And given its growth over 10 years, it is clear that these two women were not the only ones looking for something different.
Why have we grown so much, so quickly?  Because San Luis Obispo Classical Academy has built an educational option that provides the highest quality education possible for families on the Central Coast.  We offer a distinctive learning community that brings students, parents and teachers together for an education that is unrivaled.  Serving families with children in preschool through High School, our students are given a wonderfully rich, rewarding, effective and meaningful education as indicated in our dynamic mission statement.  
We are up to big things at SLO Classical Academy, and we believe that the programs we offer are unrivaled locally and competitive nationally.  You see, we not only work to provide the highest form of education through our careful curricular planning, our incredible teachers and our commitment to classical education, we believe that those higher goals connect to the everyday experience of students.  Ours is a school where every child has a place and where every mind is stimulated and making connections. This is a workplace where every teacher has purposefully chosen to be a part of something superior where they ARE making a difference.  This difference is palpable in the classrooms, it is evident on the playground, it is demonstrated by the dedication of our families who plan and execute each and every event.  This difference is SLO Classical Academy. Together we are shaping the future of not only our individual children, but of our world.
Do you ask yourselves the questions above?  We hope so!  If not, we encourage you to give them a try!  Students have only one chance at elementary and secondary education - and those years lay the foundation for so many things - their relationships, their approach to and love of learning, their ability to tackle challenges, their desire to reach goals, their ability to think through the many issues that will so quickly bombard them, and their leadership qualities.
We believe that by gathering the following during their schooling years - a sense of belonging to a community, the ability to critically think for themselves and the insatiable passion to learn - kids can accomplish just about anything.  
There is only one chance at elementary and secondary education.  
Make those years matter.

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