While SLO Classical Academy and High School’s focus has not been in the area of athletics during these first years, we do believe that athletics can play a vital role in a student’s education by teaching the student the values of self-discipline, commitment, teamwork, self-control, setting and achieving goals, perseverance, fellowship, loyalty, and cooperation. We also believe in starting with life-long sports, so that athletics develop into a natural part of our students’ lives. Because of these beliefs, we are working to increase our athletic opportunities each year.


Each year, we offer a variety of enrichment opportunities related to the area of fitness - after school P.E. classes, mid-week fitness enrichment and Friday Academy Classes, which have included Taekwondo, Capoiera, fencing, and dance. Last year we started an 8th-12th grade volleyball team that practiced a couple days a week. This year we have expanded that into two teams (upper middle school and high school) that play games against middle school teams throughout SLO County.


Sports we are offering this academic year include the following…



Fall ’13 (Sept-Nov)

  • LMS-UMS volleyball

Winter ’14 (Jan-Mar)

  • 8-9 yr old boys basketball

  • 10-12 yr old boys basketball

Spring ’14 (Mar-Jun)

  • 2nd-8th grade ultimate Frisbee



Fall ’13 (Sept-Nov)

  • Volleyball

Winter ’14 (Jan-Mar)

  • Conditioning

Spring ’14 (Mar-Jun)

  • Beach volleyball


Sports we plan to offer in 2014-15 include the following…



Fall ’14 (Sept-Nov)

  • LMS girls volleyball

  • UMS girls volleyball

  • MS boys cross country

Winter ’15 (Dec-Mar)

  • 6-7 yr old coed basketball

  • 8-9 yr old girls basketball

  • 8-9 yr old boys basketball

  • 10-12 yr old girls basketball

  • 10-12 yr old boys basketball

Spring ’15 (Apr-Jun)

  • 2nd-4th grade ultimate frisbee

  • 8-9 yr old softball

  • 8-9 yr old baseball

  • 10-12 yr old softball

  • 10-12 yr old baseball

  • UMS boys volleyball

  • 5th-8th grade ultimate Frisbee



Fall ’14 (Aug-Oct)

  • Girls volleyball

  • Boys cross country

Winter ’15 (Nov-Feb)

  • Girls soccer

  • Boys basketball

Spring ’15 (Mar-Jun)

  • Girls swimming

  • Boys volleyball



A couple goals we have set include for our development:

  • Become a member of CIF (for high school) by Fall 2014

  • Expand our athletics program down through kindergarten


We are open to listening to any and all input you may have.


If you would like to sponsor or donate to our athletics program, please contact David Hazlebeck at athletics@sloclassical.org

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