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Independent reading program

Read in order to live!   ~ Gustave Flaubert


To encourage and celebrate the reading of great books, SLO Classical Academy’s students, parents, staff and faculty now have the opportunity to participate in a new reading program.  This year, we would like to see 750 books read independently across our student body and 750 books across our adult body - beyond our assigned books (*see note below for HS exception).  HMM...which group will read the most?  We will display our combined efforts on our new reading tree in the Lewis Library throughout the year.   Here’s how it will work:


Each level, as listed below, will work together to reach a goal of 150 books per level.  


K - Primary (K students must read independently) 150 total

Intermediate 150 total

Lower Middle School 150 total

Upper Middle School 150 total

High School 150 total 

*(due to low # of HS students and high volume of books assigned, HS students may include 4 assigned books towards their goal this year.)


Students are asked to read books appropriate for their personal reading level.  Therefore, if a student struggles with reading independently, the books he or she chooses to read may be different than a student of the same age who is an advanced reader.  We will depend on parents to ensure that books chosen are at the appropriate level - the school will not be checking on this, but depending upon the honor of the families.


To help our community choose well written works that are good for the mind, heart and soul, books must be chosen from an approved listSLOCA has put together - and will continue to add to - a list of approved Novel Adventures Great Reads that include classics and well-written modern books.  This list will be available on the parent page of the website.  Because the list isn’t final, we have additional lists you may use.  


Go to our Password Protected Parent Resources page to see the approved readling lists.


When a book has been read, participants need to do the following at the main desk in the office:


1.  Fill out and hand in the Novel Adventures Book Form for the appropriate level.  LMS, UMS and High School students have the option of receiving credit in their classes for writing a “Book Blurb” to be logged and shared with the school community.  There is a description for that assignment on a separate sheet of paper.  Adults, no extra credit for you, but we’d love to have your book reviews!

2.  NOL will give participant the appropriate leaf - each level will have a certain color/shape leaf.  

3.  Participant will write his or her name on one side of the leaf, book title and author on the other.

4.  Leave leaf with the NOL to be hung up on our tree!


All forms are available in the library at the NOL desk OR click here for everything you need!


Each level that reaches the 150 books goal will take part in our special reading celebration event at the end of the year...stay tuned to find out exactly what this means!


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