Regardless of which program a family chooses at SLO Classical Academy, the education we provide together is purposeful and rich.  It is meant to provide a strong foundation of learning, solid basic skills, and the tools necessary to think for one’s self.  It is intended to be engaging, rigorous and meaningful.  The curricula chosen to support this wonderful and effective education has been carefully chosen by many - teachers, lead staff, curriculum specialists, and experienced parents. 


The following programs offer this incredible education.  For more information as to what goes on at each class level, please see these links:  grammar school, middle school and high school.


1.  Our Signature Hybrid Program, Jr. K - Middle School


In this program, the school plans a full week of rich, quality instruction.  Students attend class with qualified, dynamic teachers two days a week in class sizes of 14 (sometimes a bit higher in middle school), and follow the plans laid out by the school at home the other three days a week.  There are optional Academy classes on Fridays.  Although the school provides a full educational plan, there is room to individualize for families at home given their family dynamics and student learning styles.  This program offers a rich literature-based curricula connected with history, math instruction, science instruction, Latin (beginning in first grade), and Logic (beginning in grade 5).  In addition, art is included in grades 5/6 and offered as an option at all levels.


We have two tracks in our hybrid program – students that attend class Mondays and Wednesdays (track A), and those that attend Tuesdays and Thursdays (track B).  Students in grades Jr K - Intermediate (4th) attend school from 8:25-1:30, with optional classes from 1:30-2:30.  Students in middle school (5th-8th) attend school from 8:25-2:30.  We have remained committed to this approach to education, believing and witnessing time and time again that parents are essential in the educational life of students, and that the educational life always occurs beyond the classroom.  Our families frequently describe this program as "life changing." 


2.  Our 4-day Enriched Hybrid Program


Some families require or desire their student have more time in the classroom.  Beginning in our Lower Middle School (grade 5/6) and through our Upper Middle School (grade 7/8) families may enroll their student in our 4-day Enriched Hybrid program.  These students attend their core classes two days a week, and then attend both labs and enrichment courses the other two days a week.  They receive teacher contact time during their labs as they work on their math, writing, Latin and other assignments, and then are exposed to wonderful classes that expand and enrich their educational experience.  these classes have included grammar, creative writing, poetry, film, nature, architecture, and photography.  


Why do we call it an Enriched Hybrid?  The involvement of parents, while reduced in time somewhat, remains essential in this program, and they remain integral to their students' education and success.


3.  Our  University-model High School program


Our high school students attend school three days weekly (M/W/F) much like a college setting, allowing them independence and two full week days to work on assignments or commit to other interests.  Although we encourage students taking a full load, students are afforded the option of picking and choosing their classes.  Parent involvement is important, but parents are no longer considered "home educators" as student independence is encouraged and required.  We still love parents to be involved, however, and encourage them to read alongside students, express interest in studies, and be available for help and encouragement.


4.  Our Enrichment and Academy Class programs


Because we believe so wholeheartedly in students expanding their minds and hearts in areas outside of purely academic realms, SLO Classical Academy offers an extensive line-up of optional classes for our students.  For more information on this, click here.

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