SLO Classical Academy is fantastic!! We love the educational style, the amazing teachers, wonderful and dedicated staff, and stimulating classrooms. I love knowing what my children are learning about at school, but more than that, I have the privilege of participating in that learning with then. I can incorporate the passion for learning and discovery into our daily lives, making it part of who we are, and we cherish the family time!


~  Kate Scott

“We love the educational style, the amazing teachers, wonderful and dedicated staff, and stimulating classrooms.”

I am almost daily grateful that my children get to attend SLOCA. We came for the classical education and got so much more; our entire family is being educated for life and I can't wait to see where it is going. There simply is no other option for us than SLOCA from beginning to end.


                                       ~ Robert Campbell


“Grateful for being educated for life!”

When we first started considering homeschooling our Children, it was very overwhelming. We have found the support that we get from the teachers and staff at SLOCA to be invaluable as we move along the homeschooling journey. You still have a ton of work to do, but you don’t feel alone in it all. SLOCA is an invaluable community of parents and teachers that care for all of the children and each other and we absolutely love it!


                                      ~ Will and Cheryl McCabe


“Support is invaluable!”



“Community of like-minded parents.”

Our family loves SLO Classical Academy for its small classroom size, wonderful teachers and staff, rich literature and fabulous parental support.  They are very dedicated to the individual student and family as a whole.          


~ Susanne Sanders

“They are very dedicated to the individual student and family as a whole.”

I never understood the power of education taking place within the family.  I never knew that the world of home schooling and private school could mix to create such a powerful tool for a child’s education.  My daughter hated school, the light in her eye had faded.  I will be forever grateful to SLOCA for bringing us closer as a family and to turn on the desire to learn in my sweet daughter.           


 ~ Sarah Weathersby

“I never understood the power of education taking place within the family.”

I never intended to homeschool, but when the opportunity presented itself, I found SLOCA to be the perfect fit for our family:  both for me as the home educator and for my children. It has allowed me to feel confident that my child is getting a top-notch education and that all the standards are being met without the extra research on my part. Even though some days have been challenging, I truly am grateful each day for the blessing, opportunity, privilege that I have in educating my children several days a week. Going to school two days a week allows them the freedom to mature in ways I cannot give them at home and me the needed break to recharge so I'm a happy mom on my home days. Homeschooling several days a week also has given us the time in the evening, while other families have to commit to homework, to play games, read for pleasure or just be together. It has also allowed pursuit of passions including rock climbing and volunteering. While it is challenging, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


                                               ~ Maureen Nibecker

“SLOCA is the Perfect Fit for our Family”

I am so grateful to the SLOCA community for providing such a unique education for my girls.  I have many friends who's children are going around and around on a tightly scheduled  wheel.  School all day, sports, dance, piano, play dates, homework.  It is crazy how planned and predictable their weeks are.  There is no spontaneity, no time to just sit and watch a line of ants walk by!  


 I often feel judged when I tell people I choose to homeschool my girls.  I also know that they too feel judged by me when I tell them I homeschool my girls.  It is a cycle that drives me nuts sometimes!  Then I remember why I am doing this.  I tell myself that my daughters will have a unique perspective on life.  They will know that doing things "differently" is ok, that not following the crowd is a good thing and can be done!  I love that. I don't want to spoon feed my children my beliefs and opinions.  I want them to have knowledge at their fingertips.  A wide variety of knowledge that they can discern and analyze critically.  SLOCA is giving them the skills to be able to do this well.   I don't care what my girls choose to do with their lives.  I just care that they are happy, balanced, and well educated. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! 


~ Tamzin Ritter

“They will know that doing things 'differently' is ok...”

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