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Let Summer Begin!

Jun 17th, 2016

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

~ Henry James

Kudos to you, SLOCA families, for finishing strong! Summer

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“Throw”back Thursday

Jun 16th, 2016

It’s not much a throwback, but it does involve throwing! As we celebrate this official last day of SLOCA classes (for Track A yesterday, for Track B today), we have a handful of Primary and

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Wednesday Wonders: HLR Reading

Jun 15th, 2016

{photo by Carolyn Eicher}

For our final Wednesday Wonder of the school year, we are highlighting the incredible work of local middle and high school students featured at our recent Hanging Lantern

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Summer: To Schedule, or Not to Schedule?

Jun 14th, 2016

It’s almost here – are you ready for it? We know the kids are excited for summer, and we think the parents are too. : )

We’d love to know if you schedule your summer days, or just embrace the

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Monday Mix-ins: A Few Fun Extras

Jun 13th, 2016

Today marks the very last Monday Mix-ins for the school year, and so we have a few fun extra things to share. This is only a short list (there is SO much to explore online!) but it can serve as a

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History Day Friday!

Jun 10th, 2016

Happy History Day, everyone! 

Today we WILL enjoy celebrating the end of our year with the Renaissance, Reformation, and Explorers. As Susie said in last week’s update, “As you frantically finish

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Classical Character: The Moral Child

Jun 9th, 2016


Classical Character

Mrs. Burns’ Book Review Blog

Last year Jenna Burns brought us Pedagogic Ponderings, a blog review of books on education.  This year she brings us Classical Character, a

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Wednesday Wonders: Battle of the Books

Jun 8th, 2016

{photo by Jessica Wilson}

Today our wonderful and book-loving librarian, Emily Ferrarini, fills us in on how Battle of the Books went this year: 

This Spring, SLOCA held its very first Battle of

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One Pan Dinners

Jun 7th, 2016

{photo sources, clockwise: Farmhouse Delivery, Food Network, Julie’s Eats and Treats}

The end of the school year is a busy and bittersweet time, with lots going on! And yet we still need to feed

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Monday Mix-Ins: The English Monarchy Restored, a Plague, and a Fire

Jun 6th, 2016

The Great Fire of London (1797) by Philip James de Loutherbourg 
{Public domain via Wikipedia Commons}

The city of London sure took some hard hits during this time period! This week we will look

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Free Friday: June 3, 2016

Jun 3rd, 2016

It’s late in the school year and it’s often too easy to slide away from typical routines, isn’t it? Let us encourage you to continue the Free by 5:00 tradition by making some time over the weekend

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Stepping Up

Jun 2nd, 2016

If you have a child moving up to a new level next school year (Kindergarten, Primary, Intermediate, LMS, UMS, or High School), today’s blog post is for you! We know that there can sometimes be a

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Wednesday Wonders: Senior Projects

Jun 1st, 2016

Four of our sloCAHS Seniors, after presenting their Senior Projects

Each year our full-time high school seniors complete and present a Senior Project, which is considered the capstone of the

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Beach or Playdough?

May 31st, 2016

{beach photo via Unsplash / Public Domain}
{Homemade Jello Playdough by jamieanna via flickr  / CC BY-ND 2.0}

Greetings! SLOCA families get to enjoy another lovely day off from classes today, and

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Monday Mix-Ins: Ocean Documentaries

May 30th, 2016

Instead of the usual mix-ins for this holiday Monday, we compiled a list of ocean-themed documentaries you can stream that tie in with our science unit this trimester. Descriptions from the

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Free Friday and Memorial Day 2016

May 27th, 2016

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Click here for a brief history of Memorial Day and read this post from a few years ago for ideas on ways to honor this holiday with your kids. Here’s another blog with

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School Room Ideas for Next Year

May 26th, 2016

{photo credit: The Quick Journey}

Anyone making an IKEA run this summer? 

Perhaps the timing of this blog post isn’t ideal… if your home school area is the LAST thing you want to think about

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Wednesday Wonders: SLOCA’s Winning Solar Boat

May 25th, 2016

{photo by Julie Theule}

Many of you may have heard about this on campus or through local media, but we want to highlight this on the blog too, because it was such an amazing opportunity and

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The Grizzly Apology Part II (and a download!)

May 24th, 2016

Last Wednesday we shared about our UMS Logic and Rhetoric Class, and the students’ belief that the Grizzly Apology should be taught to all American middle school students. Today Miss AnnE  is back

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Monday Mix-ins: The English Civil War and Commonwealth

May 23rd, 2016

Statue of Oliver Cromwell (made by Hamo Thornycroft in 1829) outside the Palace of Westminster
{photo by Elliott Brown via flickr / CC BY 2.0}

FIRST, tomorrow night is the Hanging Lantern

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