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Rice Crispy Pyramids

September 29th, 2013

{source: Chasing Cheerios}

Here’s a fun activity to try on a home day, and might even help your kids practice for our upcoming Egyptian Sand City! Rice Crispy Pyramids: made just the same way you make rice crispy treats, only mold them into pyramid shapes using a (clean) sand mold (like this one), or cooking mold (like this one). Or try shaping them by hand if you’re not a perfectionist. The blogger who posted this idea hid m&m “treasures” throughout the pyramids, and sprinkled brown sugar around the plate for sand. Too cute!

If you and your kids are getting into the whole pyramid thing, here are a few other fun suggestions for making pyramids from household objects:

  • And of course, lego pyramids! Search google images for these and you’ll find a ton of ideas. You can hide little lego treasures inside them too - all those tiny pieces that come with all those sets can now be archeological discoveries! 

What else would make good building materials for pyramid practice? Share your ideas in the comments…

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