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A Day in the Life: The Webster Family

October 3rd, 2017

{photos by Jessica Webster}

We are so excited to bring you our first Day in the Life post for the new school year! This time around we get to hang out with the Webster family. Jessica Webster will introduce everyone, so here we go!

Hello! We are the Webster family, on Track B, and this is our 5th year at SLOCA. It has been such a life changing experience which we are so grateful for!

Jessica - Mom, main homeschool teacher, music team leader and fitness instructor in-between any and all hours of not homeschooling

Josiah - Dad, 5th grade math tutor, masters program student, full-time ministry night school teacher

Ayden - 5th grade, flag football player

Emerick - 2nd grade, soccer player

Seth - 3 years old, not enrolled in school, soccer fundamentals

Of course, the day of “Home Day” blogging day is unusual from my “Perfect Home Day” scenario.

Today for our documentation, we are one hour behind our usual schedule, but with different personalities and a lot of life going on, I let everyone sleep in, including myself. Hurray for homeschool!

We are currently living with my parents so there are seven of us in a 3 bedroom duplex.

*I print the grids the night before to be one step ahead of their morning school questions.

7:30 am
Everyone is awake accept our second grader, Emerick.

Before 9 am
Big breakfast. I have the kids help load dishes into the dish washer, put away their clean laundry that I folded from the night before and pick up their room for the day.

*I like to start the day tidy, so when it gets messy I don’t feel too overwhelmed.

I let them play for a while and we do a family devotion together with dad to share our hopes and prayers for the day before we begin. Dad leaves for the bedroom to do his Masters studies and work from home.

9:15 am
School starts. All books come off the shelf and on to the tables along with their back packs by their sides and pencil packs accessible.

Emerick starts with math and Ayden joined in for a round or two of the math game.

Ayden started his independent writing and other assignments while I continue on with Emerick.

9:20 - 9:25 am
I take a speedy phone call which I try to avoid, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

9:30 am - 9:35 am -  9:45 am - 9:55 am…
Emerick takes several breaks during math. It’s challenging for him. When he becomes unteachable, I let him shake it off and run outside.

10 am
Where has the 3 year old been?

He is set up to play independently and once he’s done, he gets to watch Paw Patrol.

10:15 am
Snack and reading time.

I read Ayden’s literature to both of them outside while they snack and we imagine what the walls and dimensions of Egyptian palaces were life. It’s super fun!

*I give all of them snacks intermittently but usually routinely to keep them occupied so as to share my time between the three of them.

10:30 am
A surprise visit from Grammie to drop something off! A great time for a reading break.

Emerick is bored of the literature and finishes up his math on his own while I finish reading to Ayden. (It’s a long chapter.)

10:40 am
Ayden then moves on to more independent work with some guidance.

I help Emerick as he does handwriting and grammar.

*Each day I look for something we can laugh really dramatically at… Emerick gave me a laugh today when he was practicing linking verbs:

("Mommy is thunderously loud")

11:30 am

Papa is home for lunch. We practice Emerick’s poem a few times while we eat.

PS: Why do these kids eat so much when they are home?!

11:40 am
Ayden is continuing on with independent work with some guidance from dad who comes out to help during his breaks and lends a hand in homeschooling.

11:45 am
Where is the 3 year old?

No, he hasn’t been watching shows for 3 hours, he has been snacking, self entertaining, practicing direction by picking up his messes or briefly joining in with conversations.

11:55 am
Small break.

12:00 pm
Emerick and I move on to spelling outside while Seth rides his scooter.

Ayden is breaking then working on math review.

Seth eventually goes down for a nap.

12:30 pm
Emerick and I change scenery to practice reading in my room.

Ayden is getting math help from dad in the dining room.

1:30 pm
Today feels lighter. We did a lot of Monday work last Friday which is always a good feeling.

All boys put their books away and clear any extra toys or materials from the rooms.

Backpacks packed for tomorrow which is SLOCA day.

It’s another break time.

Dad is watching them while I get some work done from home.

1:50 pm
They make birthday cards for a friend.

2:10 pm
Papa takes bigs boys to flag football. Seth, Emerick and Colton Erb stay home to play.

I work a little.

3:30 pm
Where is the three year old?

Finally waking from a 3 hour nap! Hallelujah!

4:15 pm
An in-home meeting with someone for work.

5:30 pm
All boys home from practice and we’re moving on to drop off friends and head to a birthday party in the village.

8:45 pm
Home. Brush teeth, books, prayers, bed.

9 pm
Josiah and I visit with my parents and another grandma who is visiting, while eating home made apple pie and a scoop of ice-cream. (We didn’t eat dessert at the party for this reason, in case you wondered.)

Watched House Hunters while finalizing this blog entry.

10 pm
Turned in to chat with hubby and catch up on current events for our days and weeks to come.

11 pm
Lights out, working out tomorrow since I missed it from sleeping in today!

It was a pretty good day. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you all.

Thank you Jessica, for letting us join you on this homeschool day! The practical tips are so helpful, and we love the encouragement to find something to laugh at every day…