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ABCs of Summer: J

July 24th, 2017

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Joy – Find joy today!

What brings you joy? This photo reminds me of one thing that causes joy to bubble up in my heart: when my kids are happily playing and having fun together. I know that in 5 minutes they may be fighting, but for the moment, it’s glorious to see how much they can enjoy each other.

If you want to intentionally seek to bring more joy to your life and relationships, Psychology Today offers a fantastically simple suggestion: use 15-minute blocks of focused time to cultivate your relationships. Read about it in this article:

7 Ways Parents Can Build Joy in 15 Minutes or Less

Parenting is indeed hard work, but it’s also the best job ever and can even be a ton of fun. We wish you joy in how you live life and connect with your loved ones this summer!

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