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ABCs of Summer: N

August 2nd, 2017

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1. Night – If your kids are old enough to stay up, plan a night time family activity: a walk on the beach at night, star gazing, camping in the backyard, playing hide and seek or laser tag after sundown, etc.

2. Novel – Not the type of book (although a good summer novel is a must!), but seek out something novel, as in fresh and new, this summer. What’s one new activity, place, food, or experience you’ve never tried? 

3. Nachos – Apple nachos, that is! Try this for a fantastic snack.

4. Notebook – Splurge on a pretty notebook for yourself, and maybe one fun one for each of your kids. You can use this as a journal, or let it be the notebook you use for SLOCA meetings and notes, parent trainings, etc. See what the school store has in stock, or make your own using this tutorial.

5. Nonsense – Allow a little nonsense in your life today.

6. Nap – We used this one when we did this series 5 years ago, but it is SO worth including again… we hope you are able to get a nap or two over the summer break! 


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