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ABCs of Summer: O

August 4th, 2017

{photos from SLOCA’s flickr site}


Let’s face it, we all need to do this (continually, it seems…) and summer is the best time to organize your home learning space and materials. If you have been putting it off, tackle one thing today or this weekend to organize and get ready for the new school year. Maybe one of these Six Tools to Organize Your Homeschool Room will help. Or check out this Massive List of Homeschool Organization Hacks.

Perhaps you've dealt with the school stuff and are all set. Choose another room or small part of the house to organize – it always feels so good to bring order into chaos! For inspiration, see these 52 Clever Organizing Tips (one for every week of the year!).

If you’ve already organized every room of your house (ha!), here are a few other ideas: make an Obstacle course, build an Outdoor fort, or learn about Owls:

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