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Character Trait for June 2017: Stewardship

June 1st, 2017

{photo by Kyle Ellefson}

"Dost thou love life? Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."

~ Ben Franklin

"Whatever you have, spend less."

~ Samuel Johnson

We are finishing up the school year with a focus on Stewardship:

The careful and responsible management of things entrusted to one's care, including one's mind, body, time, money, environment and property, with proper regard to the rights of others.

Catch phrase: Take care of your stuff; take care of their stuff!

As assignments start to wind down, and it comes time to clean out binders and lockers and classrooms, we can talk about being good stewards of the spaces and materials that have served us well all year long. This counts for our home learning spaces too! Can we re-use our backpack, lunch box, or any of our school supplies for next year? (Sometimes the answer is just… no. And that’s okay.) 

Yes, you can use June's spotlight on Stewardship as a reason to have the kids help by cleaning out their bedrooms, the home school areas, the garage, the yard, or any area that’s been falling by the wayside in this last busy season of school… it’s a great time of year to tidy, reorganize, and purge! 

And as we anticipate summer and a more relaxed schedule, we can even make the connection between mindful stewardship of time, one’s body, and one’s mind to how we spend our summer days. 

Here’s our last character trait mini-poster! We hope you’ve enjoyed having these visual aids as positive character reminders throughout the year. Re-use them again next year!  (click on the link or the image for the pdf):

June Character Trait: Stewardship





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