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Monday Mix-ins: Ancient Egypt – Old Kingdom, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

October 9th, 2017

{photo by AussieActive}

For all those young enthusiasts of ancient Egypt, this week we begin sharing links to explore this fascinating time even further. We will be in Egypt for awhile, so this week we will do a bit of overview, but also focus on the Old Kingdom as well as the Egyptian gods and goddesses.

As you can imagine, there's a myriad of resources out there for ancient Egypt! Here's a sampling, and we will post more in the weeks to come. While we make every attempt to find child-friendly links, we always ask that parents preview these videos and websites first, or at least view them along with your children, to be sure they are appropriate for your family. Enjoy!


Ancient Egypt Introduction – A BrainPop video for kids:


Ancient Egypt: Land of Abundance – This animated series is from Discovery Education. There are two episodes about ancient Egypt, here’s the first one:


Ancient Egypt: Constructing Civilization – Here’s the second episode:


Kids Animated History: Egypt – This is a general overview of Egypt from ancient times up until the time of Jesus:


Egypt - A Journey Down the Nile – Travel down the Nile River, seeing the sights of ancient Egypt:


Major Egyptian Gods and Goddesses – A very brief overview of 16 of them:


Planet Egypt-Episode 1: Birth of the Empire – Here is a 47-minute documentary:



Ancient Egypt – From the British Museum, here’s a website all about ancient Egypt. Read stories, explore the civilization, and take part in activities – choose a category from the left.

Explore Ancient Egypt – From PBS, view 360-degree panoramas of famous sites. Click on “Launch Interactive” and then choose the Old Kingdom.

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses – Here’s a guide to the ancient Egyptian deities.

Odyssey Online: Egypt – An educational website to explore ancient civilizations. This section is on Egypt.

An audio tour of the ancient Nile Valley

Maps – Here are some nice maps of Ancient Egypt.

Interactive Map of ancient Egypt – Explore with this fun map.

Interactive Timeline of ancient Egypt – From the same website as above - also check out their Egyptian Jigsaws and anything else that looks fun on this site.

Here are three interactive games from the National Museums of Scotland:

An “Eye of Horus” Amulet – Or the wedjat eye.” Take a closer look at one here.

Bronze figure of the cat-headed goddess Bastet – Here’s another artifact you can look at closely.

Ancient Egyptian Gods – Learn about them and take the challenge!

Which Egyptian god are you most like? – Just for fun, a quiz.

Egyptian Myths

Draw Egyptian Style – A tutorial on ancient Egyptian figure drawing.

Explore a Pharaoh’s Boat – Click on “Launch Interactive”

Ancient Egypt Word Search

Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

More Ancient Egypt Activities for Kids


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