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Monday Mix-ins: Athens and Sparta

January 8th, 2018

{photo by Puk Patrick on Unsplash}

Welcome back to school! Let’s ease into the week with a few supplemental links to explore alongside our history and literature studies. This week we will travel to those two ancient Greek rival cities, Athens and Sparta. Here we go:


Athens, Greece: Ancient Acropolis and Agora – Take a modern tour of this ancient site with this travel video:


Parthenon (Acropolis) – From Khan Academy and Smart History:


Ancient Athens and the Golden Age of Greece – Learn why Athens was the preeminent city during Greece’s Golden Age:


What did democracy really mean in Athens? – from TED-Ed:


Tour the Ancient Agora of Athens – Click on the photo on the right with the play button for a stunning video tour.


This is Sparta: Fierce warriors of the ancient world – also from TED-Ed:


The Spartans – A 2-minute overview from the History Channel:


Spartans: Implements of Death – More from the History Channel about Sparta’s incredible army:


The Spartans: Part 1 of 3 – Here’s the first part of a full-length documentary about this extreme civilization (Parts 2 and 3 can be found on YouTube):


Top 10 Spartan One Liners – A top 10 list of the most epic Spartan quotes in history:



Greek City-States interactive map

Another interactive Greek map

Athens – from the British Museum. Includes a tour the ancient city of Athens.

Sparta – from the British Museum. Includes objects from Sparta that tell us about Spartan life.

Parallel lives – Compare the lives of Spartan and Athenian men and women (part of the website above.)

Ancient Greeks: Athens – a website for kids from BBC, with photos, activities, fun facts and more.

Ancient Greeks: Sparta – also from BBC.

Adventures in Ancient Greece – An interactive website for kids, with sections on Athens and Sparta. (Click “Enter popup Window Here” or “Enter Full Screen Here” to start. Requires Flash.)

360 degree Virtual Tour of the Acropolis – Click on the "Begin" button.


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