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Monday Mix-ins: One Last Week in Ancient Egypt

November 13th, 2017

A well preserved temple relief of pharaoh Ramesses II at the Temple of Derr
{photo by Richard Stead via flickr / CC BY 2.0}

Can you believe this is our last week of Trimester 1? Time flies! We will wrap up our visit to ancient Egypt this week, with a few links about Ramesses II and miscellaneous others just for fun. If you find additional supplemental links that you think our families would enjoy, leave a comment and let us know about them!


Building the Great Obelisks at Luxor – from the History Channel:


Why This Pharaoh is Considered Egypt’s Greatest – A 2-minute video from the Smithsonian channel about Ramesses II:


Above All, Warriors – Learn about the enemies of Ramesses II, the Hittite warriors:


The Nile Series: Brick-Making Tradition Lives Through Centuries – See how mud bricks are made using a method from ancient Egyptian times:


Steve Martin’s King Tut – Okay, this is a silly throwback (way back) for the parents and grandparents! The kids might just think it’s weird, but does anyone remember this?:


Egypt’s Golden Empire – A 55-minute documentary about Ramesses II, or “Ramesses the Great:”


Planet Egypt - Quest for Eternity – The final episode in this series that we’ve been sharing during the past few weeks. It can also be streamed here using Amazon Prime.


Ramesses II: The Great Journey – A documentary about an archaeological investigation into the reign of Ramesses II. Rated G, and available to stream for free with Amazon Prime.



Statue of Ramesses II – See the statue, read about how it inspired the poem “Ozymandias,” (which several of our middle schoolers memorized recently), and listen to how it may have inspired Harry Potter. (Click on “Play Audio.”)

Luxor, Egypt A 360 degree virtual tour of the Luxor and Karnak temples.

Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt – A 360 degree virtual tour over the pyramids.

The Nile File – An interactive website for kids about life in ancient Egypt.

Discovering Ancient Egypt – We’ve posted a few of the activities from this site, but feel free to explore more here!

Egypt’s Golden Empire: A Day in the Life – “Experience a day in the life of Ancient Egypt through the voices of some very different people. From a pharaoh to a farmer, housewife to a nobleman, find out how they lived and what their lives were like.”

World History: Statue of Ramesses II – A BBC website for kids.

Find out more about Tutankhamun

More Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages

Food of Egypt – Try a few recipes!

Construct a pyramid box

Egyptian man paper doll and Egyptian woman paper doll

How to make your own paper

Make mud bricks (Clicking “download activity” will require you to register, but the instructions are listed right there on the page so you don’t need to download it.)

There’s also an Ancient Egypt App for iPad from Kids Discover that you can purchase. (Wish we’d found this earlier!). Kids Discover has lots of educational apps - there’s even an Ecology app, which our students are also learning about right now.


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