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Monday Mix-ins: Roman Emperors and Roman Britain

April 23rd, 2018

The Roman Baths (Thermae) of Bath Spa, England
(Photo by Diliff on Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5}

Today we have quite a mix of mix-ins to share – we will look at some of the emperors after Caesar Augustus (including the insane and evil Nero), but we will also take a peek at the catacombs, soldiers and the expansion of the empire, the Jews under Roman rule, and Roman Britain. Let’s go!


Emperors of Pax Romana – From the Khan Academy, here’s an overview of the emperors of Rome:


Nero Biography – A mini-bio:


Rome in Flames – A clip from a National Geographic documentary about the devastating burning of Rome in the time of Nero:


Rome, Italy: Catacombs and Appian Way – This is a travel video featuring the Roman catacombs and other famous elements from Ancient Rome:


Catacombs of San Callisto, Rome – Here’s another short video about the Roman catacombs that goes into a little more detail:


Catacombs of Pricilla, Rome – One more video about the catacombs... this one is from the Khan Academy:


A day in the life of a Roman soldier – Another TED-Ed animated video, about the life of a legionary in the Roman Empire:


The Ancient Romans and Jews – We have not previewed this video all the way, so be aware that there could be violent scenes. Learn about the Jewish people under Roman rule:


A Day In The Life of a 10-Year-Old In Roman Britain – Enjoy this animated video from the BBC about life in Roman Britain:


Why Was Hadrian’s Wall Built? Watch this video to learn about the barrier built by the Emperor Hadrian beginning in 122 AD, to guard Roman Britain against barbarian invaders:


North England: Hadrian’s Wall – Here’s another travel video from Rick Steves:


How did soldiers use their barracks near Hadrian’s Wall? – Find out in this short video:


Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli: A virtual tour – From the Khan Academy, explore this fun virtual tour of the emperor Hadrian’s Villa in Rome:


Housesteads Roman Fort – See the ruins of this Roman fort in Northern England:


PBS - Roman City - David Macaulay – We should have shared this one before, but if you have any of David Macaulay’s books you’ll appreciate this! It’s an animated and live-action documentary that explores the glories of Ancient Rome, based on David Macaulay's acclaimed book:



List of Roman Emperors

Portraits of the Emperors on Roman coins

Busts of several Roman Emperors

The Wackiest Roman Emperors – Learn some interesting things you might not know about some of these Roman emperors…

Emperor of Rome game – Here’s this link again - choose which emperor you want to be in this game from PBS.

Quiz: Who Are You? Also from PBS, answer questions to see which famous Roman you most resemble.

What was it like in Roman Britain? Click to learn about the different rooms as you explore an interactive Roman villa. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find an interactive Roman town, too.

Romans: Invasion – Here’s the older BBC site for kids, with a section on the invasion of Britain.

Romans: Rebellion – Learn why the British rebelled against Roman invasion with this section of the above BBC website.

Romans: Roman Defence of Britain – Another section of the above site - learn why Hadrian built his wall. Here’s the teacher page, with some activity sheets to download.

Romans: Roads and Places – One more section from the above website.

The Romans in Scotland – An interactive guide with info and games.

Battlefield Academy – The first mission of this game is in Roman Britain. There is a little bit of complexity to it, so it’s best for older kids. Click “Launch the game.”

Hadrian’s Wall Image Gallery – See photos of this famous defensive fortification.

Roman Britain Iron Dagger and Sheath - Explore a Roman soldier’s dagger found in Britain. Click the play button to hear an expert talk about it.

Roman Britain Quiz – and other games

How did the Romans Change Britain? Read about it and see photos here.

Roman Empire coloring pages


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