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Monday Mix-ins: The Decline of the Roman Republic

April 9th, 2018

 "The Death of Cleopatra," by Valentine Cameron Prinsep
{Public Domain image via Wikimedia Commons}

Welcome back to school! We know how hard it can be to return to school after Spring Break, but we hope you’re rested and ready to jump back into the arena. How about some Monday Mix-ins to ease the way?

As we move along through Ancient Roman history, we will start to see the Republic fall apart and give way to the rise of the Roman Empire. This week our mix-ins will look at what led to this transition, a bit more about Julius Caesar, and the notorious Cleopatra.


Ancient Rome 101 – This is more of an overview of all of Ancient Rome, but it’s well done, from National Geographic:


Crisis in the Roman Republic – This is a short, fairly clear explanation of some of the factors that contributed to the failure of the Republic:


60 Seconds in History: Fall of Rome's Republic – This is a pretty fast-pace overview, as you can imagine (and it’s 1-1/2 minutes, not quite 60 seconds…):


The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which Was It? – This is one of the John Green history videos, so it’s humorous and packed with information, but mostly likely only older kids will appreciate it:


Spartacus, the Legionary – This is part 1 of 13 of an animated series for kids about Spartacus, the gladiator slave who led a rebellion for freedom:

Here’s a link where you’ll find the other parts.


The Real Spartacus – A 45 minute documentary about the historical figure:


Spartacus – You can rent the 1960 classic film starring Kirk Douglas through Amazon.

Battle of Actium (31 BC): Final War of the Roman Republic – This is a 14-minute documentary that is part of a larger series. This episode focuses on Marc Antony and Cleopatra, their war with Octavius Caesar, and the final end of the Republic:


The great conspiracy against Julius Caesar – From TED-Ed, here’s a look at the reasons behind Caesar’s assassination:


Ides of March - The Assassination of Julius Caesar by Walks of Italy – This mini-documentary tours the historical sites of Julius Caesar’s story:


Mark Antony’s Speech – This is a clip from the 1950 classic film, where Charlton Heston plays Mark Antony, giving his famous speech about Julius Caesar:


Cleopatra: Mini-Biogrpahy – From the Biography channel:


History vs. Cleopatra – Also from TED-Ed, this video puts Cleopatra “on trial,” examining her life and reputation:


The Real Cleopatra – Here’s a 3 minute clip from National Geographic:


Iconic: Cleopatra – Here’s a video clip about a bust of Cleopatra, from the Royal Ontario Museum:


Misunderstood Moments in History - Cleopatra's Egypt – This 21 minute educational video is aimed at older students:


Mr. Peabody and Sherman: Cleopatra – A clip from the classic kids TV show, this is the one where they travel to see Cleopatra.



Republic to Empire – From a PBS special about Rome, read about this transition.

Rome: From Republic to Empire – A Jeopardy-style game

Roman Slaves – Find out about slaves in Ancient Rome.

Mark Antony’s Funeral Oration quiz – Type in as many words as you know from his famous speech!

Storynory: Cleopatra – Listen to a story about this famous Queen of Egypt.

Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth – Learn about Cleopatra, then click on “Who Was Cleopatra?” to try a quiz, or try some of the other activities.

Examine a bronze coin of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra coloring pages or here’s another one

Cleopatra online puzzle (simple)


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