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Monday Mix-ins: The Rise of Julius Caesar

March 26th, 2018

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Once again, we have a lot to share today! We are already deep into reading Shakespeare’s illustrious play, Julius Caesar, and this week’s mix-ins will focus on this influential and complex historical figure. We’ll also look at the Punic Wars, Hannibal, and the Roman army. Enjoy these supplemental links this week, or save them to explore over Spring Break!


Shakespeare: The Animated Tales - Julius Caesar – Many of you may have already watched this, but here’s a nice animated version of the play:


Lego Caesar – A lego stop-animation abridged version of the Shakespeare play:


Why Care About Julius Caesar? – A fun biographical video from “Nerdy & Quirky”:


The Great Commanders: Julius Caesar – From PBS:


Julius Caesar – The 1970 classic film, starring Charlton Heston. Skip to 35 seconds in, to get to the beginning of the movie:


Julius Caesar – A full-length move made in 2002 starring Richard Harris and Christopher Walken. It’s rated PG-13:


Punic Wars – A nice, brief overview:


The Punic Wars Causes, Summary, and Hannibal – An informational video:


Hannibal’s Elephants – A clip from a BBC documentary:


Hannibal: Across the Alps on War Elephants – A mini-documentary:


The Roman Military Machine – A 5-minute video about the Roman army during the Republic:


The Roman Soldier – Learn about the equipment Roman soldiers used:


How to Dress Like a Roman Soldier – Find out what a Roman soldier wore:


Roman Army Structure – From the Vindolanda Museum:


How Roman Legions Dominated the Ancient World – See why the Roman legions were so successful:


Horrible Histories: Romans Life as a legionary – A 30-second humorous clip about life in the Roman army:


Kids Form Roman Legion at Summer Camp – This is cute:


Our Lego Roman Army – More inspiration for home day projects:



60 Second Shakespeare – A newspaper format telling about Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar printable crossword puzzle – Click on “Print Student Copies” to print blank puzzles.

Julius Caesar online word search puzzle

Julius Caesar coloring page

Examine a marble sculpture of Julius Caesar

What was life like in the Roman army? – From BBC

Romans: The Roman ArmyOnce again, here’s the older BBC website for kids. Try the quiz or activities after exploring this site.

Dress a Roman Soldier – A game from the National Museums of Scotland.

Build a Roman Fort – Another game from the same website as above.

Dress the Roman Soldier – An online activity from the Birmingham Museum.

The Roman Army - Info and photos

Label the Roman Soldier – An activity to try after you read about Roman soldiers above.

Read a real letter from a Roman soldier

Roman Army Reenactment photo gallery

Roman Iron Dagger and Sheath – Examine a Roman soldier's dagger found in Britain. (Click the play button to hear an expert talk about it.)

Archaeological Site of Carthage

Carthage: Images and Videos

Crochet a Roman Helmet for a baby – This is a link to an Etsy pattern you can purchase, if you are so inclined.


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