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Monday Mix-ins: The Roman Republic

March 19th, 2018

{photo by DomyD on Pixabay / Public Domain}

Let’s learn more about Ancient Rome during the time of the Republic – today we’ll cover the beginnings of the Republic, daily life, and take a look at the Roman gods and goddesses. As always, we try to keep things family-friendly, but please preview or watch along with your kids, to be sure these options are appropriate for your people:


Roman Society and Political Structure – This is a 5-minute video about how the Republic was structured:


The Roman Republic - How Rome Gained Her Empire – Here’s one of those sketch noting videos giving a quick overview of the Republic:


The Roman Senate during the Republic:


The Roman Aqueducts – A short video about one of the greatest engineering feats of the ancient world:


The Republic of Rome – This 45-minute documentary about the the early years of Rome is not specifically for kids, but may be fine for families:


Rome: Rise of the Republic – This is another full documentary about the Republic in Rome:


Life in Rome: Religion – A video about the religion of Ancient Rome:


Building the Ancient City: Rome – This is a documentary about the construction of the city of Rome, available to stream for free with Amazon Prime.



My Romans Word Mat – A pdf for younger kids

Odyssey Online: Rome – An educational website to explore ancient civilizations. This section is on Rome.

Ancient Rome Live – These are streaming videos that can be used as an interactive way to learn about Rome's past.

Ancient Roman Interactive Map

Historical map of the city of Rome – This map is detailed and interesting to look at if you enlarge it.

Map showing the 7 Hills of Rome

Ancient Rome Picture and Map Gallery

Daily Life in Ancient Rome – From Mr. Donn

The Online Collection of Roman Artifacts – Examine Roman artifacts and discover what they were used for.

Romans: Family and Children – This is from the older BBC website for kids. Try the quiz or activities after exploring this site.

Romans: Technology – More from the website above.

Sample Plan of a Roman House

Roman Bath – A NOVA website that goes along with their program, Secrets of Lost Empires: Roman Bath.

Comparison: Greek and Roman Gods – A guide to the Roman gods and goddesses, along with their Greek counterparts.

Roman Religion Gallery – Click on the first image to begin the slideshow.

Romans: Religion – Here’s another section of the BBC website for kids. Try this quiz too!

Roman Myths – Read stories of Ancient Roman mythology.

A Gallery of Roman Mosaics – Click on “Launch Interactive” to see mosaics of Roman gods and goddesses

Make a Roman Mosaic online

Hands On History: Make a Marvellous Mosaic – Printable instructions for making a craft mosaic in the Roman style.

How to build a model of a Roman road

Roman Numeral guide and converter

Roman Inscriptions – See examples of Ancient Roman writing. Click on “See works of art.”

Roman Republic Quiz Game

The Rise of Rome Crossword Puzzle

Ancient Roman Republic Q&A


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