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Team SLOCA Friday Faves: Behind the Scenes Support Staff

November 3rd, 2017

{staff photo by Cameron Ingalls}

Well, we’ve come to the end of our fantastic series introducing our Team SLOCA staff members – today is the last installment! And this special group is filled with people who you may not interact with much, but who are certainly working diligently behind the scenes to help keep things running smoothly around here. We appreciate them so much!

Below are a few of this group’s favorite things, or things they use every day, or objects that represent something important to them. Some included comments, but if they didn’t, you can find them and ask about anything that piques your interest! In most cases you can click on each photo to see a slightly larger version.

Finally, remember that although we don’t have photos of each person to go along with their curated “faves” photos, you can find a sketch of many (but not all) of our Team SLOCA members on the Our Staff page of our website.

Kristina Doles, Executive Assistant and HR Coordinator:


Ashley Walter, Friday Enrichment Coordinator and Dean Consultant:

  • Peets Coffee – Enjoying a cup of this bold brew (with a splash of soy creamer and honey…sometimes cinnamon), and a moment of solitude in the early morning – is one of the best parts of my day.
  • Oxygen and Clean Eating magazine – These provide me with the inspiration that I need to stay healthy and fit. 
  • PB Fit- Tastes delicious in smoothies and oatmeal. 
  • Blueberries – Natures candy to me, and I prefer to never go a day without an avocado! 
  • A.S.98. “Mint to be" Shoes – Stumbled upon these at a shop in downtown Paso. This was the last pair to be made in my size. They were the perfect shoe for our country glam wedding.  
  • Oh! And I almost forgot my pen and paper – a must have for daily brain dumps, to do lists and bright ideas. : )


Debbie Lee, Administrative Assistant and Weekly Update Coordinator:

  • My piano - for song-writing
  • My yoga mat - for exercise
  • Ed Sheeran CD Jacket - I'm an avid fan.
  • Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis - my daily read
  • Jake's school pic - He's who I do it all for!
  • My "D" - a gift Cozy Faber gave to me - It stays put on my piano as a daily reminder of how lucky I am to work with such an awesome community of people at SLOCA!
  • Essential Oils - I use a variety each day.
  • Daily Om - for inspiration
  • My favorite breakfast - Bear Naked Granola (made with cashew butter and chocolate chunks) and pistachios (for a little extra protein!)
  • Coffee mug - I love my daily coffee!
  • Car keys - because I can't go anywhere without them smile


Jenny Bischoff, Down Home Blog Curator:

  • I live in flip flops whenever possible.
  • Love love love kombucha, especially Whale Bird, and I do think we are the coolest school ever for having it on tap.
  • My favorite mechanical pencil – I almost always have one with me.
  • The shirt because I’m a Mama Bear through and through – family is at the center of my life and love.
  • The water bottle because I heart SLOCA.
  • It’s too small to see, but the pendant on the necklace says “Reader.” That’s me. (See the final item on this list.)
  • I’m fascinated by and drawn to the ocean.
  • My “large print” (yes… I’ll admit that my eyes have hit middle age!) Bible – the most important book in my library and life.
  • This coconut scented dry oil body spray is a current favorite.
  • Car keys… maybe not a favorite, but I need and use my car every day!
  • Costco sized jar of coconut oil for so many things…
  • Another coconut item – my lip balm. I definitely always have one of these with me.
  • COFFEE. You could say I’m mildly addicted.
  • Avocados – same ^
  • Pretty yarn always calls to me, as I love to crochet. But only in the winter, which is a little weird.
  • The coconut pie Larabar (coconut again?) is a favorite sweet treat of the moment.
  • Books, especially classic books, and lots of audiobooks from Audible! Shown here are two of my TOP top classic favorites: The Count of Monte Cristo and Jane Eyre, and then a recent audio book I enjoyed a lot: A Gentleman in Moscow. I recommend all three. I always have an audible book going on my phone, and I listen anytime I’m in the car alone, or making dinner, folding clothes, etc. I’m also new to the podcast world, having recently discovered the podcast “BiblioFiles” by the Center for Lit, which has captivated me!


Edie Overduin, Curriculum Consultant:


Lindsey Cheney, Retail Management Consultant:

  • Headlamp & earbuds: I walk a couple miles early every morning before the kids (and the sun!) get up, listening to podcasts.
  • Volleyball: I am currently coaching my girls' volleyball teams at SLOCA (UMS & LMS), and my husband and I also enjoy playing sand volleyball with friends.
  • Passport:  Sean & I try to travel as much as possible together and as a family.
  • House plans: we are currently at the early (very slow) phase of building a new house - hoping to break ground in a couple months!
  • Vintage globe: this globe represents my love of vintage finds and thrifting!
  • Picture: my most recent family picture.  This is our 10th year at SLOCA!
  • Coffee mug: coffee has definitely helped me in these 10 years at SLOCA!
  • Enamel tray & tasseled garland: these items represent my love for design and home decor.
  • Scripture cards: these represent my faith and the importance it plays in my family & life.
  • The table: My dad & I built the table these items are on.  I love a good house project!


Michelle Lea, Accountant:


Valerie Neuschwander, Merchandising Assistant:

  • Top: My family, celebrating holidays, travel, running & hiking, my favorite book
  • Bottom: Piano, God, reading to my children, baking, attempts at gardening


Jeannett Gibson, Social Media Coordinator:

  • Coffee.  Black.  In my Le Creuset mug.  Red.  Three cups a day. See also: a penchant for fancy kitchen stuff.
  • I'm picky about pens.  Fine line.  Preferably blue.  Ballpoint can crawl into a hole and die.  
  • I am the Crazy Plant Lady.  I have dozens of different containers throughout my yard, which I water by hand daily.My husband laments that I'm secretly 92 years old.
  • iPhone.  Not only is it with me at all times, but 99.9% of the time, it will be in my hand.  Having a daughter with a severe form of epilepsy means that I can't afford to miss a phone call because it's buried at the bottom of my always messy purse.
  • Diastat.  Emergency meds for aforementioned daughter.  You won't find me without a vial.  
  • Books.  I love reading, but Spoon River Anthology?  I've probably read it 25 times. 
  • A watch.  I can't leave home without one on.  Side note: I'm notoriously lousy at actually TELLING time.  In fact, typically, my watch isn't even set correctly.  For decorative purposes only.  I am at peace with this.
  • Disneyland.  We are an accidental Disney family.  We discovered that the land of all things animated magic is the one place where our four children could experience everything exactly the same.  Pirate ships soar through the London sky, rockets blast through the deepest galaxies, doom buggies creep through graveyards, and rainbow-hued teacups spin exactly the same regardless of your abilities or medical chart.  We are unapologetic fans and love its hot, crowded guts.
  • Oversized Sunnies.  Red Lips.  Hoop Earrings.  No one needs to know that your "shower" for the day was a quick spritz of some kind of freesia body spray you got in a 1997 gift basket and that you had a Kit Kat for breakfast.  I am not above fooling the masses.  Red Lips + Earrings = I Have My Life Together.  (The watch also helps.  Just don't ask me what time it is.)
  • Note: lack of exercise-related items not accidental.

Thank you, everyone! What a treat it’s been to learn more about each SLOCA staff member in such a fun way! We hope our families have enjoyed this series as much as we have…


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