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Team SLOCA Friday Faves: Little Wonders

September 29th, 2017

{staff photo by Cameron Ingalls}

Are you enjoying our get-to-know-the-staff series so far? Here’s our third installment, where you will meet the Little Wonders team! These are the fun-loving teachers and aides who nurture, inspire, play with and love on our youngest students in Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. Wouldn’t you like to be in their classes?

Again as a quick recap, we asked each and every person on staff to gather a few favorite items (their “faves”), or things they use every day, or objects that represent something important to them, and to lay them out and snap a photo to share with our blog readers. Some opted to include a list or description of items in their photo, while others did not. (You’ll just have to track them down and ask them about their items if there’s anything you’re curious about!) Also, in most cases you can click on each photo to see a slightly larger version of it.

We mentioned last week that although we don’t have photos of each person to go along with their curated “faves” photos, you can find a sketch of many (but not all) of our Team SLOCA members on the Our Staff page of our website.

April Bodine, Preschool Teacher, Track A:


Jessica Wilson, Preschool Teacher, Track B:


Christie Glysson, Jr. Kinder Teacher, Track B:

  • Walt Disney World Travel Guide - My husband and I love everything Disney! We just moved here from the east coast and are excited to be close to Disneyland. 
  • Colored Pencils - This has a double meaning for me. I love doing arts and crafts, especially wreath making. I also enjoy just drawing or coloring, as I find it to be very calming. I chose a pink one because I have a daughter who is three and the blue one represents my son who is expected to arrive in late October! 
  • Sand Dollar - I love the beach and the calmness of the waves. I also love the feeling of the sand between my toes. Another bonus to moving to the central coast of CA! 
  • Fall Leaves - Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The fall foliage is something that I will miss about living on the east coast. 
  • Sunglasses - If I have to wear sunglasses outside, it's a good day. I love the sunshine. I hate the rain and cold. 
  • Beagle Magnet - My family and I have a 9 year old beagle named Bonnie. 
  • The Importance of Being Little - I am passionate about my work with young children. I also love to read. 
  • Virginia is for Runners - I was born and raised in Alexandria, VA just outside of Washington, D.C. Much of my family still lives there. 


Karen Weaver, Preschool Aide, Track A:

My photo is pretty self explanatory, except for the dates:

  • 4/29/01 - The date Tim suggested that we look at our friendship in terms of marriage.
  • 12/22/01 - Our wedding date.
  • 04/29/06 - The day Nick and Ben joined us and our family changed from two to four of us.
  • 10/0/09 - The day Alexia joined us and we expanded from four to five.


Anna Ingalls, Preschool Aide, Track B:

Working out and being active is important to me. I love to crochet, sew, diy or fix it projects. I love art projects and receiving them from my kids. I have 2 boys and we are expecting a baby girl in Nov. I love adventuring with my best friend and my husband (pic of us snowboarding - something else I love to do). I love Disney and adventurous stories. Star Wars is a big deal in our house just as it was when I was growing up. And lastly I love spending time reading my bible, I get renewed and set my mind right.


Stacey Cote, Jr. Kinder Aide, Track A:

In the picture are my watercolor paints, ink and calligraphy pens. I love painting with watercolors, letter art and calligraphy. Gardening has become a favorite for me and my family over the last couple of years and we spend a lot of time doing it together. I'm a planner and love all things floral so this calendar makes me happy while planning out our year. Lastly, I love spending time reading my Bible and being renewed by it. 


Jessica Sterling, Jr. Kinder Aide, Track B:


Emily Franzmann, Little Wonders Aide:


Sarah Root, Kindergarten Teacher, Track A:

  • Trader Joe's Plain Greek Yogurt and Chocolate Chips - My absolute favorite snack! I pretty much eat this combo every night. 
  • Colorful Flair Pens - I am an organizing junkie and love color coding things in my planner. These pens are the best!
  • Planner - I am old fashioned and love a good pencil and paper planner. There is just something about writing it all down and having it laid out right in front of you. 
  • Family Photos - My whole world is wrapped up in this precious family of mine. 
  • Swim Cap, Goggles, Running Shoes, Ipod Shuffle - I am a workout lover! I always have been! My favorites: long distance running, lap swimming, and yoga. It's really the one thing in my life I am really good about making "me" time for. It's how I decompress, think deeply, and refill my cup. 
  • Lisa Leonard Necklaces - I love these necklaces and what they represent! One is a monogrammed R and it represents being a Root for the last 10.5 years. The other lists the names of my three boys: Zeke, Max, Liam.
  • Cloth Diaper - I am knee deep in toddlerhood with our last baby. On my home days I change a lot of diapers! I also have a passion for natural parenting.
  • Cookbook - One of my favorite creative outlets is cooking and baking. I also love cookbooks and this is my absolute favorite one. 


Amy Houser, Kindergarten Teacher, Track B:

  • Watermelon - I love watermelon!! If I lived in Paso my garden would just be watermelon!
  • Sunflowers - my favorite flower!  
  • Flip flops - practically the only shoe I wear.  
  • Crochet - I'm hoping to finish this up soon.  My son requested another homemade blanket to have around for those cooler mornings.
  • 3 - I have 3 kids.  
  • Oregon shirt - I consider Oregon my home.  My parents usually supply us with all of our Oregon Ducks apparel, this one's mine.  My dad will call on game days to make sure we are properly dressed!
  • Coffee mug - coffee, coffee, coffee. I'm a Mary Englebreit fan too!  This mug is extra special since it was given to me by a childhood friend.  
  • The background - my husband built this table for me, and benches too!  


Mary Knudson,  Kindergarten Teacher, Friday Foundations:


Merideth Eades teaches Jr. Kinder on Track A – you’ll find her featured in the upcoming Lead Team group!

Thanks for another great round of intros!  What a fun group to be with our Little Wonders. Come back next Friday for more Friday Faves!