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Team SLOCA Friday Faves: Primary and Intermediate

October 6th, 2017

{staff photo by Cameron Ingalls}

Welcome back to another “episode” of Friday Faves – we are moving right along in this series where we introduce our SLOCA staff members. This week you’ll meet the Primary and Intermediate teams. By and large, these two groups of teachers have been here at SLOCA for a long time! They are a huge support to our parents who are teaching at home, and they build that firm foundation which is so critical to the Grammar stage of the Trivium.

Here are the photos each staff member sent in, showing a few favorite items (their “faves”), or things they use every day, or objects that represent something important to them. Some included comments, but if they didn’t, you’ll have to find them and ask them about anything that piques your interest! In most cases you can click on each photo to see a slightly larger version.

Again, we want to let you know that although we don’t have photos of each teacher to go along with their curated “faves” photos, you can find a sketch of many (but not all) of our Team SLOCA members on the Our Staff page of our website.

Jennifer Perneel, Primary Lead Teacher; Primary Core and Science Teacher, Track B; Friday Foundations Lead:

A few of my favorite things...

  • This year's lesson plan book - I love my job! 
  • Starbucks Chai Latte - my favorite treat.
  • Make-up, high heels, and sunglasses - things I rarely leave the house without! 
  • Cal Poly baseball cap - my favorite weekend accessory from my alma mater.
  • SF Giants key chain - a former Bay Area girl, I was born and raised a Giants fan! 
  • Vintage Siamese Cats - precious items I inherited after the passing of my sweet grandpa last year. They are my grandma's (a lover of Siamese cats who is still with us but now in a home) and a daily reminder of all the happy times that I spent at their house while growing up. 
  • Ramona series - my all-time favorite books by my favorite author.
  • Not pictured (because I am in the process of moving and all my pictures are packed!) - my beautiful daughter, my handsome son and my incredible husband. 


Corin Koren, Primary Core and Science Teacher, Track A:


Melinda Lamb, Primary Core and Art Teacher, Track A & B; Friday Foundations Primary Teacher:

  • mountain bike
  • trail shoe
  • teacup
  • camera (taking photos)
  • family cattle brand
  • dark chocolate covered almonds
  • red wine from Trader Joe's
  • binoculars
  • books
  • water bottle
  • sketchbook with color pencils
  • pens and brushes
  • photo of Jeff and my kids (Caleb and Megan)
  • star
  • shell and beach glass
  • bird book and hiking trail book
  • a rock that says Create


Kaitlyn Perry, Kindergarten–Intermediate Music Teacher, Track A & B:


Lisa Ann Dillon, Intermediate Lead Teacher; Intermediate Core Teacher, Track A:

  • I use a real paper calendar.  While I don't relish being so busy, I am grateful to have a system for keeping life - baseball games, horseback riding lessons, meetings with colleagues and parents, gatherings with friends and so on - straight.  I will never put my calendar on my phone.  You can quote me on that!
  • My yoga mat has been sorely underused this last year but I have been practicing for almost 20 years.  It keeps me healthy, strong and most of all, sane!
  • Little Women should represent the fact that I love books in general.  This one is particularly special because there is a really thoughtful inscription from John Matteson included.  
  • My collage is a project I undertake twice a year.  I go to L.A. for a silent retreat and do collage work - yes, in silence!  I love it and it is how I recover from my very full calendar.
  • The other things are self explanatory but feel free to ask me - I'll fill you in.


Lisa Wallace, Intermediate Core Teacher, Track A & B; Intermediate Science Teacher, Track A:


Ronelle Stowell, Intermediate Core and Science Teacher, Track B; Friday Foundations Intermediate Teacher:


Caroline Vaccaro, Kindergarten–Intermediate Art Teacher; Academy Club Teacher:

  • Art has always been a part of my life.
  • I've always been blessed with great friends, good books, and art.
  • My favorite painting is The Tree of Life by Klimt.
  • My favorite book is My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok.
  • My family is the most important part of my daily life and my walk with God!


Thanks for sharing all these wonderful parts of yourselves with us, teachers! Readers, we will have more introductions next Friday…

Before we go, here are two local events to pass along:

1. Fall Harvest Festival – A family-friendly community event happening this weekend! SLO City Farm is hosting its 1st Annual Fall Harvest Festival on Sunday, October 8th, from 1-5 pm. Click on the image to the right for the full-sized flyer.

2. Get Geeked in Tech – An event for local middle schoolers and high schoolers to meet female leaders in the tech industry. Hosted by Women in Tech at MINDBODY on Thursday, October 12, 4:30-6:30 pm, it will feature women across California who've broken stereotypes, created startups, and become directors, founders, and CEOs. Click here for the details and to register for this free event.


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