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Team SLOCA Friday Faves: Support Staff

September 22nd, 2017

{staff photo by Cameron Ingalls}

Friday is here again, and that means another fun set of introductions! Today we want you to “meet” a very important part of Team SLOCA. These are the support staff members who you probably see often and interact with regularly. They are an amazing bunch and we couldn’t function without them!

In case you’re just joining us or need a reminder, we asked each and every person on staff to gather a few favorite items (their “faves”), or things they use every day, or objects that represent something important to them, and to lay them out and snap a photo to share with our blog readers. Some opted to include a list or description of items in their photo, while others did not. (You’ll just have to track them down and ask them about their items if there’s anything you’re curious about!)

We hope you enjoy getting to know more about each of the following people through their photos. We know it would have been nice to also include a small photo of each staff member, so you can put a face with each photo. Sorry that didn't happen this year, BUT many (not all) of our Team SLOCA members can be found on the Our Staff page of our website, where you can see a sketch and read a short bio on each person.

Kara Castro, Office Associate ('Nice Office Lady’):

  • I love The Lord, my family, to read, and wine.  
  • The coffee cup is because I only like homemade coffee with creamer from my china. 
  • I come from a long history of women that grow African violets.
  • I would wear flip flops every day for the rest of my life if I could. 


Mark Nickodemus, Athletic Director:


Emily Ferrarini, Librarian and School Store Staff:


Brenda Tebbets, School Store Staff:


Tiffany Ratliff – recently married, now Tiffany Rivers, Events and Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Decaf Coffee
  • Xanax (Anxiety disorder) very low dose .25mg 
  • Protein Bars 20g of protein
  • Rosehips & Lavender lotion
  • Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil spray
  • Sticky notes and writing pad
  • Pen, Highlighters
  • Phone 
  • Positive Mantra sign – also "My life is peaceful and calm and my body is healthy" on repeat
  • Ambient Chill Playlist on repeat


Kaitlyn Cutler, Admissions Assistant:


Eryka Santoyo, Development Officer:

  • My life basically runs off of coffee and La Croix. 
  • I love spending time in the gym, almost as much as I love all things sweet. (Unfortunately, no sweets are pictured because they don't last long in my house.)


Vanessa Shepherd, Assistant to the High School Director:

Coffee and Oatmeal is the breakfast of champions... or busy moms on the go. And no morning would be complete without reading through a passage in my Bible and listening to something from Bryan and Katie Torwalt; it keeps me hopeful, humble, and happy (the coffee helps with that last one too). Also dry shampoo. Because sleep.


Sara Lock, Fred & Betty’s Thrift Store Manager:

Thanks, everyone – we love getting to know you! We will have another round of introductions next week...