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Wednesday Wonders: Latin Comes in Handy

June 14th, 2017

{photo by Jenny Bischoff}

First, Happy Flag Day! What is this holiday all about, you ask? Well, SLOCA parents, if you downloaded the Flag Day Holiday Resource packet that was in last week's update, you can read all about it and find fun books, movies, and links to bring this holiday to life with your family.

There's a double reason to celebrate – it's also Track A's last day of school! So to end the year on a light-hearted note, today’s wonder moment is more of a quick, funny “only at SLOCA” moment…

The other day my (Jenny’s) two younger kids, Georgia (13) and Calvin (10) were playing Scrabble and when I glanced at the board I noticed a couple of words I didn’t recognize right away. Then they informed me that Latin words were allowed, hence “qui” and “deo” made it onto the board! That afternoon they were thankful that they are learning Latin at SLOCA. And it made me laugh!

We hope to have more Wednesday Wonders to share next school year – they can be as small and silly as this, or more profound experiences. Please keep the blog in mind even over the summer, and send in your wonder moments to when you encounter them!