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Wednesday Wonders: Playing Hooky

November 1st, 2017

{photo by Redd Angelo}

Here’s a quick, gratifying story shared by Track A parent Jeannett Gibson. Jeannett and her husband Andy are in their third year at SLOCA and have 3 of their 4 children enrolled: Henry (LMS), Lucy (Intermediate), and Owen (Kindergarten). Their daughter Jill is a third grader at Ocean View Elementary:

I had to pick up Henry midday to head to a doctor appointment, and it meant I had to pull him out of Core class about a half hour before it ended.  As we walked through the parking lot, I made a comment like,

“Look at you, playing hooky!" 

“What's that?" 

“It means you're cutting class.” 

“Yeah, it's sad.  Couldn't you schedule my appointment during lunch so I didn't miss any class time?!" 


Okay then.  

Isn’t this great? Chances are, many of our SLOCA parents have heard similar requests. We love that our kids love school!

Parents, send in your wonder moments like the one above – we know they are happening and want to share them with our community! Email