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Wednesday Wonders: Playing “Natives”

September 20th, 2017

{photo by Lisa Ann Dillon}

Here’s an adorable moment captured over the summer by SLOCA moms Molly Trapp and Lisa Ann Dillon. Remember we had just studied American history last year? We love it when what we’ve learned spills over into play. Molly tells us about the photo above:

Over the summer Lyla and Heidi had a play date together. When I came to get Heidi they told us all about their adventures as natives - they had a knapsack attached to a stick for capturing their berries when picking, they had a lookout in the tree to watch for invaders (2- AND 4-legged; there WAS a ferocious kitty cat nearby), and they used the berries as paint should they need to go to war, but mostly because it looked cute with their boots and the braids they tied in their hair with reeds of grass.

The girls added, "I think we accidentally spilled berry paint on our fingers and some got on our legs and then we started painting our faces.  When we play together we feel dreamy.  Imagining things and playing together is a glorious experience.  When we are old ladies, we will remember back to this day and how much fun we had.  Hurray!"

Thank you to Molly, Lisa Ann, Heidi, and Lyla for sending in this simple yet beautiful example of a rich playtime experience.


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