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Wednesday Wonders: Sound Waves

April 12th, 2017

We have a fun moment to share with our readers today, sent in last week by Intermediate Science teacher Lisa Wallace after one of her Track A classes. She took photos the next day on Track B, to show how the kids were demonstrating sound waves:

A pretty cool thing happened today in science....

Here at SLOCA, the primary, Intermediate, and middle school students are currently all studying light and sound in their own levels for science. I had my Intermediate science kiddos out in the hallway with a large rope, simulating sound waves. With the rope stretched out on the ground and held firmly at both ends, students took turns jerking up on the rope to simulate sound waves, specifically high pitch and low pitch sound waves. As my students were taking turns, a group of primary students walked by and shouted, "Hey, those look like sound waves!”

My students were first very pleased with themselves for creating such impressive simulations, and secondly they were so impressed with those primary students for recognizing sound waves.

I love that our students study the same content across the grade levels! 

Thank you for sharing this, Lisa! What a great hands-on learning moment for understanding sound, and we love this reminder of the magical moments that can happen across grade levels.