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Wednesday Wonders: Two for One!

March 8th, 2017

{photos by Stephanie Ridley}

Today we have not one, but two wonder moments to post, sent in by the Ridley family. Stephanie and Bryan Ridley are a Track B family with two children at SLOCA: Isobel (6th grade) and Sibylla (3rd grade), plus 3-year old Ensio at home. The Ridleys are in their 4th year at the school, and here are two fun moments they have to share:

This first one is from Trimester 1: One afternoon while Isobel and I were discussing her LMS reading, Sibylla was picking up her school work.  I didn’t think she was listening much to us, then all of a sudden she piped in.  Isobel and I had been discussing the choice of George Washington as general for the Revolutionary Army.  She said that he had experience in the British Army which helped to make him a good choice.  That is when Sibylla surprised me.  “He couldn’t even win the fort in the French and Indian War though.”  My head snapped around to her, but I tried to hide my surprise and then engage them both in conversation about the reasons that George Washington couldn’t keep Fort Necessity, and why he would have been chosen anyway.  It is hard to tell when Sibylla is engaged sometimes... I knew that she enjoyed that particular history, but didn’t know that the details had sunk in so well.  

This rich and engaging curriculum that we immerse our children in, even at such young ages, is giving them knowledge and power well beyond what we can yet know.  Keep it up fellow parents!  We put our heads down and burrow through the hard times to get to these moments of wonder.

Isobel and I were doing her spelling lesson at the table (level 6 in case you are curious) while Ensio ate lunch.  I gave her the word ‘civil.’  Ensio piped up, “civil... the Civil War.”  “Yes, Ensio!”  I exclaimed to him.  “It wasn’t very civil,” he responded.  Isobel and I looked at each other then burst out laughing, and quickly agreed with Ensio that indeed, the Civil War was not very civil.  Out of the mouths of babes.

There has been plenty of talk about the Civil War already in our house since the planning is beginning for the Civil War Picnic and Ball.  Bryan and I tease that the kids are always listening... we tease because we know it is true.  Over and over again they show us that!


This is all so true! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie, and for the encouragement. Even small moments such as the ones above are excellent reminders of why we do what we do. 


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