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Wednesdays Are For Wonders

August 30th, 2017

SLOCA High School students celebrating at last year’s prom
{photo by Carolyn Eicher}

Wednesdays here at Down Home are special because we love to highlight the wonder moments that happen both on campus and at home.

“Wonders” can be any large or small victories – memorable experiences that are worth celebrating and sharing to encourage others. At home, maybe it’s an “a-ha” moment when something new is finally understood, a connection is made, or the imagination is sparked (parents can have these too!). Maybe it’s a family discussion over literature that went deeper than you could have imagined. Or it might just be a quick moment along the educational journey that causes us or our kids to smile, to stop and appreciate what’s happening, or to get excited.

On campus, wonders could include a special project or simulation in class that the kids really got into, an instance when SLOCA character traits were demonstrated, or a meaningful Socratic discussion that blew the teacher away… you get the idea. We will also highlight times when we get together as a school community and make magical memories, such as History Day.

Wonders never cease!

{photo by the Bureau of Land Management via flickr / CC BY 2.0}

Today, as a brief example (brief is okay!), I’ll share one tiny moment we had this summer: Our family took a road trip to Idaho to visit friends, and on the way home we were driving along the Columbia River in Oregon for a spell, and noticed there was an Oregon Trail sign marking that road. The kids got excited, talking about how we had just learned about this trail last year, and fondly remembering the book Apples to Oregon. They thought it was pretty cool to be traveling part of the same route that so many courageous pioneers took long ago.

We’d love to hear from as many of our families and teachers as possible this year – this is one way you can get involved! 

Our community grows closer and stronger when we share our small victories (and struggles… more on that another day!). So please keep the blog in mind when you experience one of these moments of wonder – you might even encounter one this week! Send us an email telling us about it.


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