We love our mission to be a community that forges character, fosters wisdom and nurtures a lifelong passion for learning.  How do we pull it off, though, and what does it really mean?   Out team holds to certain core values, and we think you'd like to see them.  The community of SLO Classical Academy, consisting of Leadership, Staff, Teachers, Parents and Students, hold to the following core values in the accomplishment of our mission:



  • We are committed to being a learning community where all take part in our shared goal of providing a quality, vibrant classical education and all it encompasses.
  • We are committed to utilizing Classical education that is integrated, stimulating, and creative.
  • We believe that character is as important as academics, and therefore opportunities to develop character should  be available an every juncture,  with the goal of helping students develop lasting virtue.
  • We believe families are integral to students thriving in an educational setting.



Want to know more?  Here are those core values fleshed out even more:



On Community. . . 

We believe that our school community serves to assist, support and inspire our roles as parents and staff as we seek to reach common goals together.

Our community has one shared core agenda – that of providing a quality, vibrant classical education and all that encompasses.

We are a learning community – one that acknowledges that we are all still learning and which values that lifelong learning process.
We are a community that can only function well when all members are committed to being a part of making our school a place characterized by both excellence and grace.  All community members are needed and valued for their unique perspective and contributions.

We are a community that values not only excellent academics, but character development.  We, as a community seek to model exemplary behavior by honoring our Code of Conduct.



On Education. . .


We are committed to classical education as the guiding spine for making academic decisions. Classical education promotes a lifelong love of learning and provides the tools to think for oneself.  It is a time-tested educational approach that lays a firm foundation in history, language, math, fine arts and science, training students to think clearly and critically and to express themselves effectively through both verbal and written means. Students educated in this manner have shown to be exceptionally equipped not only for academic proficiency, but for success in any field or endeavor, be it personal or professional.

History is the guiding force in a classical education as it is woven throughout each subject.  A classical approach to history is based in Western thought and tradition, yet honors the contributions of other cultures and traditions.  SLO Classical Academy includes the studies of other histories as limited time allows.

We are committed to a solid academic program that is infused with learning that is stimulating, engaging and creative.  The love of learning is an essential area of focus at every level.  Classroom time is best spent in activity that students cannot do on their own, and teachers and parents alike are committed to reaching each student in the learning process. 

We are committed to a Socratic, integrative approach to learning and the development of critical thinking skills.  We encourage students to ask questions.

We seek to reach a broad range of students with divergent learning styles through varied methods of teaching.

In addition to excellence in academics, our desire is to encourage development or well-rounded, thoughtful and responsible individuals through an emphasis on character, community and service.



On Virtue. . .

It is our belief that developing virtue is of utmost importance.  Opportunities to contemplate, grow, and practice virtue should be available at all times – in classroom discussions, in addressing relational issues, etc — with the goal of helping students develop lasting virtue.

We will uphold the Code of Conduct set in place by SLO Classical Academy.

We desire our students to be role models and leaders for younger students and others out in the community.  We want students to be aware of their responsibilities in this area, and to desire to pursue virtue, but we also believe that the school can provide a safe environment for both success and failure to occur – that mistakes are expected and welcomed as opportunities for grace to be extended and growth to occur.


On Family Involvement & Independence. . .

We believe that parent involvement is essential and when possible, parents should be involved with their children’s education and development during childhood years.  Parental involvement takes different forms and levels for different kids and ages, but engagement in the educational process is valued and expected at SLO Classical Academy. The staff and teachers see themselves as partners in this journey, and we thus encourage strong parent-school communication, parent-teacher communication and parent-child communication.

Our goal is for our students to move from becoming dependent learners to independent scholars who take joy in and responsibility for their learning.  We understand that students will develop independence at different paces, and we will work to encourage appropriate levels of independence for each student.

We value sensitive, clear and timely communication between staff, students, and parents.



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