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What makes Classical Academy High School unique? 

The high school years are formative in the development of students - they are years which define a student’s approach to and passion for learning, their commitment to hard work, their future goals and their relational skills and choices.  While it is tempting to see high school merely as a time for fun, social blooming and athletics, focusing on these elements alone at the expense of considering more deeply what will truly prepare students for the future is shortsighted.  Similarly, it is common to see high school as a mere stepping stone to college; while admittance into excellent colleges is a priority of SLOCA, we believe that the HS years are not to be wasted on this task alone - rich, wonderful and excellent education should and can occur now for all students.


SLO Classical Academy believes that the high school years have the potential to be far more than a time of “good” classes and social exploration.  We offer courses that will both engage and challenge students, that will inspire a lifetime of learning, and that will solidify their strong critical thinking skills and their ability to speak for themselves.  The quality of instruction and approach to academics is unrivaled in our local area.  


Our small class size (average of 16) allows students to be known and invites them to reach their full potential.  The smaller setting also helps students develop real-life relational skills and appreciation for each other’s unique personalities, and it provides a safe place to grow, make mistakes, and be encouraged by their classmates.  Truly, our students bloom during these years at all levels.


Our high school students attend school three days weekly (M/W/F) much like a college setting, allowing them independence and two full week days to work on assignments or commit to other interests.  Parent involvement is important, but parents are no longer considered "home educators" as student independence is encouraged and required.  We still love parents to be involved, however, and encourage them to read alongside students, express interest in studies, and be available for help and encouragement.


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