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ABCs of Summer: G

July 17th, 2017

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1. Games – Play a game with your kids today, indoors or outdoors. Maybe it’s time for a family game night. Invite friends over for an afternoon of games. Need some new game ideas? Here’s a resource for Kids Games, and another giant list of Cooperative Games that sound fun! 

2. Grass – Lie in it, smell it, get stains on your knees.

3. Gaze at the clouds while you’re lying in the grass.

4. Garden – Work in your own garden, plan a dream garden, and/or visit the SLO Botanical Garden.

5. Grandparents – Visit them, call them, make them something. Grandparents Day is in September, but love on them today just because. Here are a few suggestions for ways to celebrate grandparents

We'd love to hear from you too – what else starts with G and would be fun to do this summer? Leave a comment and share at any time during our ABCs of Summer series!

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