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ABCs of Summer: XYZ

August 25th, 2017

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Today we wrap up our summer blog series – we hope you tried at least a few of the ideas, and that your summer was equally full of fun and rest! Here are the last few letters of the alphabet:

1. eXhale – (sorry to cheat a bit with the Xs) Inhale first, of course, but then let out a deep breath and relax. You can do this!

2. eXplore – We still have a weekend to enjoy before school starts, filled with possibility! Go explore a new or old favorite local spot.

3. Yardstick – Do you measure your child’s height when they start a new school year? This might be a fun tradition to begin. Or give your kids a yardstick or ruler and have them measure things around the house, as a last minute math review.

4. Yes Day – A friend of mine does this occasionally. She tells her children she will say yes to any request for one day (within reason and with a few limits set, of course!) Such a fun idea that kids will always remember!

5. Yard Sale – Plan one of your own, or go find some this weekend. Kids love spending their own money at yard sales.

6. Zero more weeks of summer, but we are zealous about school starting next week! We will explore Ancient History, great literature, fascinating science, new math concepts, big ideas, and so much more together. Down Home will resume it’s usual schedule next week too – see you then!


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