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Friday Flops: Blog Blunder

January 19th, 2018

{photo by Alex Proimos on flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0}

“Making mistakes simply means you are learning faster.”

~ Weston H. Agor

We have another Friday Flop to share and this time it’s even closer to home – Down Home, that is. I (Jenny) have experienced many a flop in my years curating SLOCA’s blog, as a matter of fact. Sometimes it’s obvious but often it’s not – like when something doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, or when I’ve missed an opportunity to put something really great on the blog. But this recent mistake DID at least result in me learning something!

Right before the break, I ran a blog giveaway contest for SLOCA families in which I asked people to share one of their holiday traditions. All the entries were put into a drawing and one winner was randomly selected. (We also shared the responses on the blog, which was a fun way to get to know more about some of our families!) I’ve done these giveaways a few times before, but this time I decided to try using a google form to collect the entries. It seemed pretty straightforward to set up and I eagerly awaited the responses. Nothing happened. I waited a couple more days. No entries. Hmm. I posted a reminder on the blog to enter! Nothing. Finally, on the day before the deadline, I emailed a few regular readers pleading with them to enter the giveaway so that I could give away the prize I had ready. One friend kindly responded that the link I posted to enter the contest “required permission” to access it. Ack! One small detail I hadn’t checked when I set up the link. My apologies to anyone who tried to enter earlier and couldn't! Thankfully, I was able to change it and several people entered on the last day. We received wonderful responses and a winner was chosen. And I learned to check the settings if I use google forms again… (#relatable)

Anyone else want to participate? How about some home day flops? We all have them – who’s brave enough to share? Send an email to Down Home.

Once again, here’s the info on an upcoming performance featuring three of our SLOCA students:

A Little Princess at The SLO Repertory Theater – 8th grade student Sienna Ritter will be performing the lead role of Sara Crew, and 7th grader Rachel Miller and high school junior Alyssa Mickey have supporting roles. This show is suitable for families with young children. The show runs until January 28th, with Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday show times. Click here for info and to purchase tickets.

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