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Monday Mix-ins: World Religions Links

October 2nd, 2017

{photo by Clay Banks}

Happy October, and welcome to another week of mix-ins for your home days!

We are currently learning about the history of three ancient world religions, and rather than try to find accurate, appropriate links that line up with our studies, this week we are sharing some of the links that are available in the Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions, which we are reading at several levels. Did you notice that almost every page has Internet links listed in a little box? (Some links have been updated on their website, which is what we are sharing here.) There are many – we’ve gathered just a few of them all in one place for you today:



Alien Abduction: Judaism – This is a fun series of videos, in which the facts about a religion are explained to aliens. This one covers Judaism:

There’s also an Interactive quiz you can do after you watch it.


The Torah – Here is a 3 minute video, from a series of videos about Jewish life, beliefs, religious practice, and festivals. (We’ve included a couple here, but you can find more in the left column of this website.)


What is Shabbat? – The narrator goes to a family home where he takes part in a reenactment of a Sabbath meal and learns more about this Jewish day of worship.


What is Kosher? – A video for kids about kosher foods.


How To Play Driedel:



Alien Abduction: Hinduism – Here are the facts about Hinduism, explained to aliens:

You can follow this with the Interactive quiz if you want to.


The History of Hindu India, Part 1:


The Hindu Temple – This video gives an introduction to the art and architecture of Hindu temples:


Diwali - Festival of Lights – From National Geographic, here’s a short video about this Hindu festival:



Alien Abduction: Buddhism – Once again, the facts about Buddhism, explained to aliens:

And here’s the Interactive quiz that goes along with it.


The Buddha –  A clip from a PBS program, telling the story of the birth of the Buddha:


Art of Asia: Buddhism – A video about the spread of Buddhism, and the art forms it inspired:


Both Gaya: Center of the Buddhist World – Learn about this famous pilgrimage site for Buddhists:


Spinning Prayer Wheels at Boudhanath Temple, Nepal:



Sacred Stories – Listen to stories from several of the world’s major religions.



Judaism – A short introduction/overview of the Jewish religion.

A panoramic view of the Western Wall

Events in Jewish History – an interactive timeline

The Story of Moses – Read an illustrated retelling of this story.

Facts about the Torah

Jewish symbols explained for kids

Jewish Holidays – a guide, and how they are celebrated.

Sarah’s Attic: Stories of Jewish Children – Hear the stories of Jewish children during the Second World War, including Anne Frank. The introduction to this website says “It was specifically created for children from age 8 to 12 and respects their sensibility as young visitors. The contents and iconography are carefully intended to suit their emotional and cognitive abilities.”



Hinduism – An introduction/overview of the Hindu religion.

Stories of Krishna – Explore paintings that tell the story of Krishna, from the Seattle Art Museum.

The Mahabharata – Read an illustrated retelling of one of the world’s longest epic poems.

A Guide to the main Hindu Festivals

In Pictures: Diwali Around the World – View photos from the festival of Diwali.



Buddhism – An introduction/overview of the Buddhist religion.

Story of the Buddha – An illustrated story about his life.

Timeline of Buddhist History (Flash version). Here is the plain text version.

The Monastic Life – Read about the everyday life, duties and clothing of Buddhist monks and nuns.

Buddhist Festivals and Special Days

The Birth of a Banyan Tree – A Buddhist tale to read and discuss.


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