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Student Work: More Rube Goldberg Machines!

March 23rd, 2017

Following up on our UMS Rube Goldberg machine post, we now have some video footage from our Lower Middle School and Intermediate classes, so we thought we’d share those with you as well! 

It looks like everyone had a blast with these projects, got very creative, and had valuable experience working with simple machines, figuring out cause and effect, and collaborating in groups. 

Here’s a video made up of a series of clips taken from Mrs. Wright’s Track A LMS 5th Grade class:


And here’s another video from the Track A 6th grade class:


We also have a short series of video clips from Mrs. Wallace’s Intermediate Track A class:


And her Track B Intermediate class:


Here are few Intermediate photos from Mrs. Wallace as well – you can see the variety and creativity! 

Thank you teachers, for documenting these for us, and for all your patience and support of this wonderful learning activity!